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Discussion on: [Closed]Problems with XDC Pay and XinFin Name Service

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powerman Author

The problem persists. I open that
Google Chrome web browser, open XDC PAY web extension, sign in easily. Then I open XinFin Name Service, click on connect, a window opens with 5 different connection options. Then I click XDC Pay button and nothing happens. When I connect to .XDC Web3 domains everything works fine.
I will now write to and describe the problem there.

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Please follow below steps:

  1. Open "" this in your Chrome browser.

  2. Now, Unlock XDCPay. Click on the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner and Click on Connected sites.
    Image Description

  3. Click the Manually connect to current site button at the bottom of the list.
    Image Description

  4. Select the account you want to connect to the website and click Next.
    Image Description

  5. Review the information in the confirmation screen and click on the Connect button.
    Image Description

  6. Now click on Connect button of the XinFin Name Service, to connect the website.

This is how you will see the account gets connected.
Image Description

I hope these steps will help you to connect XDCPay with XinFin Name Service.

Let me know, if you are still facing any issues.