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Discussion on: [Closed]Problems with XDC Pay and XinFin Name Service

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Also, do most people prefer the .xdc domain to the .xinfin domain? where does it say
Maybe it's just because the .XinFin Name Service doesn't work and you can't connect to XDC Pay and therefore can't secure the domain? I know people who would immediately secure hundreds of .xinfin domains as NFT if it worked.
Ok, the .xinfin and .xdc domains are not official services, but they are linked to our official website, right? On the website that represents our company and XDC Network / XDC, one of the most effective and secure blockchain (military standard) in the world is or will soon be. Our website is our electronic business card and often the first point of contact with every new customer. Then our first contact should also be perfect and free of defects. I have founded several companies myself and successfully advanced them and I speak from my own experience. And XDC Pay is one of us, isn't it?
That doesn't work with XinFin Name Service either. And the bad thing is that people don't associate this with third parties but with XinFin, so our good name and reputation is at stake. Either the third-party providers linked on the official page under XDC Utility should ensure that their websites are connected to XDC Pay and other defects are remedied as quickly as possible, or they should be removed from our website, as they damage our good reputation.
Also, the link to "XDC-NFT" does not work there either. Redirection error is displayed there. And the "In Factor" link shows Page not found. 3 links that do not work on the website under the sub-item XDC Utility. I love XDC Network and XDC and only want the best. I hope that this will be seen as a suggestion and that the right places or the people responsible will take care of eliminating the deficiencies. All the best to you all and much success.