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Discussion on: Proposal Governance guidelines coming soon

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Tre Nelson • Edited on

Hi Boris,

I assume your 50k per quarter budget was aimed at me. So I’ll address that directly my friend. Please see below:

Founder 4K
Full time dev 10k
Marketing & Socials (contract) $1,000
Content & editing (contract) $1,000
Legal (4 hours) $1000

This is literally a shoe string budget my friend.

  1. The founders is only paid $1k per week

  2. Any fully doxxed dev in the US who is worth his/her salt will not be paid less than 10k

  3. Socials & Editors for the content will be contract/outsourced and basically paid like interns

  4. If your legal affairs are not in order, your risk and liability go through the roof

I obviously did not build this website. So for you to act like I’m a one man band is just a false statement. That’s why I didn’t roll this out until I had something to show. I’m a builder brother.

This is a one year runway to a full sustainable model.


I couldn’t agree more. We should approach all projects with a healthy amount of skepticism.
And fully vet each project and project owner.

I’m happy to battle test and pressure test my model.

And yes, you should have to connect a wallet and votes should only come from actual community members.

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Atul Khekade Author • Edited on

@onxdcnetwork Thanks for stepping up and posting here. This is not just a tech forum but even the governance for years to come will need to work from here through proposals.

About your proposal : i like it although i have not voted for it yet.

The reason is that onchain voting dapp is not ready and also legal is to share guidelines on everything.

Please allow legal to draft policies and share here.

Glad to see a new active community member.

Thread Thread
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Tre Nelson • Edited on

Hi Atul,

Thanks for reviewing this proposal. I've been working really hard to build on, promote, and unify the XDC Network. What I've learned is that the biggest impact will come by promoting not one, but ALL of the companies and projects building on the XDC Network!

Rising tide 🌊 will lift all boats 🛶

The great news is that I've done this many times successfully before, and I get to apply my knowledge and experience to an ecosystem that I really believe in.

Happy to make sure our proposal and project is fully compliant, and I will have no problem passing any background checks. Let's build something special together!

I hope to 'earn' your vote of confidence in this project.