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Tre Nelson Author • Edited on

Thank you for your response! I respect your opinion and would like to add some context here for each of your points.

  1. I spoke with the founder of OnXRP and showed him my plans for this project. I let him know that I am an investor in his projects (XPunks and $OXP) and was inspired by his work.

The UI is similar because we use the same designer. That designer also built the DØP3 Club NFT Website. That is just he designs websites and I really like it. While there are some similarities, they are also very different.

There is one big difference in the OnXRP model, and the model I’ve outlined in this proposal. OnXRP only features products developed by their team.

OnXDC has been developed for every project building on the XDC Network. To bring the community together, promote learning, and mainstream adoption of the entire network.

  1. DØP3 Club NFT is cash flow positive. If you take a look at our road map we have been executing consistently quarter after quarter. Even during a bear market, we have added utility for the entire ecosystem. Our collaboration with Wanchain was the first to bridge NFTs to $ETH $BNB $MATIC - this exponentially increased the total addressable market for every single NFT holder on XDCNFT (NFT sales are down because bitcoin is under $20k)

I took over XDCNFT, because the founders wanted to walk away. I did not want to let that happen because it is a linchpin project for the entire NFT ecosystem. If the marketplace would have failed (1) all of the creators would have lost their content (2) NFT holders would not have been able to access their tokens (3) it would have been considered a rug pull by the original team and would have put a stain on the XDC NFT ecosystem. That would have been catastrophic for a burgeoning NFT ecosystem, and I did not wanna let it happen. So I raised my hand and volunteered to take over.

  1. The fact that I have a full-time job is the reason why all of my projects have been successful. I don't have to put a salary on our balance sheet. I am not setting up cash, grabs, or Ponzi schemes. I’m building successful, sustainable businesses. All of my previous business experience has prepared me to be successful in the Blockchain space.

I have been launching healthcare technology platforms similar to this for the last 15 years. Most recently HealthJoy. Please check them out. It’s a platform for employees that brings all their employee benefits into one place. I helped launch that platform well before OnXRP was launched. This is where the onXDC platform idea came from.

  1. I am currently paying for the XDCNFT marketplace AWS hosting on my personal AMEX while it generates zero revenue.

I’m doing this for all of the creators who put their blood sweat and tears into their NFT projects
(Including my own)

I’m doing this so that the XDC Network NFT marketplaces are not perceived as rug pulls

I’m one of the most passionate ambassadors in XDC community. I am working to lift up the entire community and move it forward.

Have a great week! Thank you for reading the proposal.