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[Informative] ✨Introducing The Nexus Portal


We are excited to announce that The Nexus Portal is now live on the XDC Apothem testnet! We have been developing The Nexus Portal for XDC and other EVM chains since early last year, and we've reached our first significant milestone – deploying on XDC Apothem.

The Nexus Portal is a unique multi-dimensional DeFi/NFT ecosystem. What sets Nexus apart?

  • Holographic UI: A special user experience, that feels like logging into a SciFi/futuristic interface.
  • Superfarm Multi-Reward System: A novel incentive system for liquidity providers to earn rewards that can help mitigate impermanent loss. XDC community projects can gain whitelisting to create their own single or multi-earning pools, enhancing liquidity provider incentives for the community.
  • Multi-Staking System: Allows staking of NEXU and/or NFTs to earn diverse rewards.


This novel feature enables users to stake and time-lock NEXU and/or NFTs, earning 10% of the daily NEXU rewards and a variety of other tokens including LPs from different contracts.


  • Mints NEXU: Distributes NEXU to applicable LPs. -Superfarm: Can distribute a plethora of XRC-20 Superfarm rewards to different LPs.
  • Minting Rate: Begins at 5 NEXU per block, decreasing approximately every 25K blocks (half a day at XDC's 2-second block time). This is the current setting on apothem and is subject to change for main net.
  • Max Supply Timeline: At the current rate, projected to reach max supply of 1.1 Billion in about 42 years.

Smart Contract Overview

See how the Nexus smart contracts interact with eachother in this flow chart.
Nexus Smart Contracts Interaction

Links to Explore

Next Steps and Community Engagement

As we gear up for the main net launch in Q1 2024, our focus is on refining the UI and smart contracts. We invite you to participate in our beta, review our open-source repositories, and help us identify critical issues. A professional audit is also planned prior to the main net launch.

Referral Program
Refer users to The Nexus and earn XDC! Generate your referral link by going to the below URL and Copying your link.

Bug Bounty
If you find and fix unknown critical bugs you may be entitled to a Bug Bounty. Visit the Discord #bug-report channel.

We value your input on topics like:

  • Nexus Cycles: What are your thoughts on our NEXU per block and daily token reduction mechanism. Suggestions for improvement?
  • Governance Structure: What do you think would be the ideal structure to manage Nexus Portal contracts?
  • Desired Pools: Preferences for incentivized pools with Native XDC assets or others on Nexus?
  • Community Superfarm Pools: Are you interested in setting up your own superfarm potentially multi-earning pair?

Your feedback is essential to us, and we look forward to hearing from the XDC community.

Best regards,
The Nexus Portal Team

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Great post

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Robert Aronovici

Amazing! Let's review the smart-contracts and help build to release this amazing dApp successfully!