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Mohammed Naveed Shariff
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BHR ( Blockchain Health Record System )


EHR technology is resolving some issues on one side but further creating some issues on another side. It becomes easy to hack the data if the prior precautions have not been taken. As it is a new way of storing data, staff need proper training to use it. Electronic health records contain highly crucial and critical patient-related medical data, requiring safe storage, sharing, retrieval, and scope. To encourage and enhance healthcare facilities' condition, medical knowledge must be preserved and exchanged routinely by several different shareholders, including physicians, healthcare professionals, pharmacies, insurance agencies, and researchers. Overall, individual key data exchange styles require rigorous confidentiality and accountability requirements during data transfers.

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What it does

This application serves as a Health care record system for both patients and doctors alike. Utilizing the security and transparency of Blockchain. This allows exchange of patient data amongst Hospitals, Diagnostic Laboratories, pharmacy firms and physicians. This ensures that the Hospitals are able to provide a tailored prescription for diagnosis in accordance with the patients Health history. Furthermore a Smart AI Algorithm can be implemented which takes in patient's prescription data from the blockchain and provides a prescription suggestions to the Doctors so that the visiting time for the patient is reduced vastly and the prescription is less error prone.

How we built it

Blockchain could create a mechanism to manage access to EHRs stored on the cloud. Using a blockchain can increase interoperability while maintaining privacy and security of data. It contains inherent integrity and conforms to strict legal regulations. Increased interoperability would be beneficial for health outcomes.

What's next for XDC Health

In the future we can integrate supply chain management for trust full supply of medicines and drugs.
In healthcare supply chain management, the blockchain technology transactions is particularly key monitoring technology for tapping into the whole process of drugs and medical products movement. Since all transactions are recorded onto the ledger, and every node in the blockchain maintains a record of the transaction, it is easy to verify the origin of the drug, the vendor and the distributor instantly. Furthermore, the distributed ledger of the blockchain allows healthcare officials and physician to check
and authenticate the credentials of suppliers. With better insight into the supply chain through proper and timely authentication process, pharmacies and healthcare providers will be able to ensure that the flow of authentic drugs continues to reach those patients who need it the most. In this regard,
blockchain technology holds a great promise for establishing a trusted network of vendors that allow healthcare administrators to guard patients from disreputable suppliers. Furthermore, blockchain technology promises significant enhancement on demand forecasting, data provenance, fraud prevention, and transaction.

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