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Nathan Wosnack
Nathan Wosnack

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[Proposal] Bringing Ubitquity's Real World Assets Title Management Service (NFTitle) to XDC

Project name

Bringing Ubitquity's Real World Assets Title Management Service (NFTitle) to XDC

Brief project summary

The goal of this proposal is to integrate Ubitquity's title service, NFTitle, with XDC. This project aims to enhance the accessibility, security, and efficiency of real estate title management by leveraging the decentralized capabilities of XDC.

Project Includes:

Creation of a fully functional MVP for title management.
Development initial Integration with XDC.
Enhancement of user engagement through clear UI/UX.
Provision of comprehensive information related to title services on XDC.

Laying the groundwork for a fully functional product running on XDC servicing our clients.

Our Products and Services: (main website)

Referred by: Aneri Merchant


Milestone 1 (first 30-day sprint):


  • Develop initial framework for the title service integration
  • Initial back end in Solidity for title management
  • Development of the first set of modules for title processing
  • Initial front end in for user interaction
  • Initial MVP deployment on XDC

Milestone 2 (Final):

  • Finalization and bug testing of the system
  • Bug testing and finalization of the title service on XDC
  • Marketing and promotion of the new integration
  • Availability of title service code to XDC
  • V1 deployment on XDC

Project Category:

Real Estate & Technology Integration

(for NFTitle access, supply GitHub username to:

See our websites for details:
Main site:

Company valuation: USD $5M

Seed Round: USD $932,050 raised

Series A: In Progress [Anticipating Series-A financing closing in Q3 2024]

Current Customers:

  • BENMARG Group (Dubai, UAE)
  • Bertram Village (The Bahamas)
  • BlackLions Group International (Miami, USA)
  • Cryptocurrency Realtors (Miami, USA)
  • E-Title Cambodia (Cambodia)
  • JGB Commercial Brokers (Rhode Island, USA)
  • Ledgeview Commercial (New Hampshire, USA)
  • Porcupine Real Estate (New Hampshire, USA)
  • Rainier Title (Washington State, USA) [subsidiary of Houston, Texas-based Stewart Title Guaranty Company - #4 real estate title insurance underwriter in the United States] TIERRA CHAIN S. DE R.L DE C.V (Mexico)

Grant Scope

The goal of this proposal is to bring Ubitquity's title service, NFTitle, to XDC, creating a robust and secure platform for real estate title management.

Project goals & success factors

Success in this project will be marked by the seamless integration of Ubitquity's title service with XDC, providing a scalable and transparent solution for title management.

What problem are you trying to solve?

The current landscape of title and Real World Asset (RWA) management lacks transparency, efficiency, and security. By integrating Ubitquity's web3 service with XDC, we aim to revolutionize the way titles and other Real World Assets are managed (searched/stored/organized) offering a decentralized and user-friendly solution.

How does this project benefit the greater ecosystem?*
This project will contribute to the broader adoption of XDC, showcasing its applicability in real estate. It will also provide a valuable tool for title management, enhancing transparency, security, and efficiency across the global real estate sector.

# of records: 1M+

Gas fees: $0.15 - $0.50 per record (currently recording on Polygon) depending on the NFTitle plan. We charge a 1% to 2.5% NFT Transfer fee via our marketplace (Emporium), depending on the NFTitle plan.

Visibility in media:

The following is merely a highlight and not the entirety of our press coverage:

Previous work:

This can be seen both on our GitHub profile (Unanimity / BlockSTRACT) and the excerpts from this Medium article showcasing the last eight years of our corporate achievements:

Benefits to the XDC Community:

Enhanced Real Estate Solutions on XDC: By transitioning Ubitquity's title service to XDC, the platform will introduce a sophisticated real estate solution to the XDC ecosystem. This can attract real estate professionals, agencies, and enthusiasts to the XDC platform, expanding its user base.

Showcase of XDC's Capabilities: Ubitquity's title service, with its emphasis on security, transparency, and efficiency, can serve as a prime example of the kind of complex, high-value applications that can be built on XDC. This can inspire other developers and businesses to consider XDC for their projects.

Strengthening Decentralization in Real Estate: The decentralized nature of XDC aligns with the transparency and security needs of title services. By successfully implementing this on XDC, it sets a precedent for other industries to leverage XDC's decentralized capabilities.

Economic Growth: As Ubitquity's NFTitle service attracts users and transactions, it will lead to increased economic activity on the XDC network, benefiting token holders and increasing the overall value of the ecosystem.

Collaborative Opportunities: The presence of a prominent title service on XDC will lead to collaborations with other XDC-based projects, fostering an environment of innovation and mutual growth.

Boosting Trust in XDC: A successful transition and operation of Ubitquity's NFTitle service on XDC will boost trust in the platform's capabilities, encouraging more businesses to consider XDC for their services.

Community Engagement: Ubitquity will engage with the XDC community through forums, discussions, and feedback sessions, ensuring that the title service continually evolves to meet the community's needs and expectations.

What problem are you trying to solve?
This integration represents a significant step forward in the utilization of decentralized protocols in the real estate industry. By making Ubitquity's NFTitle available on XDC, we are paving the way for future innovations and contributing to the growth of both Ubitquity and the XDC ecosystem.

GitHub Link:

Total budget requested: USD $35,000

Budget breakdown and project roadmap

Milestone 1 - (first 30-day sprint)

  1. Design/build:
  2. Develop initial framework for the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web app
  3. Initial back end in Solidity
  4. Initial front end in Typescript
  5. Initial MVP deployment on XDC

Milestone 2 - (Final)

  1. Finalization and bug testing of the system.
  2. V1 deployment of the web application on XDC.
  3. Back and fully running on XDC
  4. Bug testing of V1 functionalities on the XDC*
  5. Open sourcing APIs (History/Chain of Custody API, SmartEscrow APIs), Proprietary APIs (CipherBPA, NFTVault).

Milestone 3 - (Final)

  1. Finalization and bug testing of the system.
  2. Bug testing and finalization of the service running on XDC.
  3. Marketing and promotion of the upcoming integration.
  4. Availability of web application code smart contract to the public
  5. V2 deployment on XDC.

How do you plan to continue building on your project once the grant funding is over?

Post the completion of the grant-funded phase, our strategy for continuous development includes:

Reinvestment of Revenue: As the Ubitquity title service, NFTitle, on XDC gains traction, the revenue generated will be reinvested into further development, enhancements, and scaling of the platform.

Partnerships: We plan to establish partnerships with more real estate agencies, title/escrow companies’ property management firms, and other stakeholders. These collaborations can provide additional funding and resources for continuous improvement.

Community Feedback: Engaging with the XDC community will be pivotal. Their feedback will guide our roadmap, ensuring that we prioritize features and improvements that resonate with users.

Subscription Models: Introducing premium features or subscription models can generate a steady revenue stream, which will be channeled back into development.

External Investments: Based on the success and potential of the project, we'll explore opportunities for external investments and further venture capital to fuel further growth.

How do you plan to attract the community to use what you are building?

Educational Webinars and Workshops: Hosting sessions to educate the community about the benefits and functionalities of the Ubitquity title service on XDC.

Engagement on XDC Forums: Active participation in XDC forums and discussion boards to showcase our project's features and address queries.

Marketing Campaigns: Leveraging digital marketing, including SEO, social media campaigns, advertising on sites such as American Land Title Association (ALTA), HousingWire, Property Records Industry Association (PRIA), The Title Report newsletters/sites and targeted ads to reach a broader audience.

Collaborations: Partnering with other XDC-based projects or platforms to introduce our service to their user base.

Incentive Programs: Offering promotional rates, discounts, or token-based rewards for early adopters and active users.

Where do you see your project in the next 12 months?

In the next 12 months, we envision Ubitquity's title service on XDC to be:

As we look ahead, the next 12 months promise to be transformative for Ubitquity. Our primary focus will be on leveraging the capabilities of XDC to revolutionize our title services.

Here's a detailed roadmap of our aspirations:

Comprehensive Workflow Integration on XDC: Our foremost objective is to transition and build out Ubitquity's entire company workflow on the XDC platform. This move is not just about adopting a new technology; it's about harnessing the power of decentralization to make our processes more efficient, secure, and transparent. By doing so, we aim to provide our clients with faster, more reliable title services that are in tune with the digital age.

Full Integration of NFTitle: NFTitle, our proprietary service, will undergo a complete integration within the XDC framework. This integration will ensure that our BaaS for title and other real estate verticals are not only more streamlined but also benefit from the enhanced security and scalability features that XDC offers. By fully integrating NFTitle on XDC, we aim to set new industry standards for title management, ensuring that property transactions are smoother and more trustworthy than ever before.

Ubitquity API Expansion for UbitquityPay: Recognizing the increasing demand for seamless digital payment solutions, we plan to expand our Ubitquity API specifically for UbitquityPay and XDC. This expansion will focus on enhancing user experience, increasing transaction speeds, and ensuring top-notch security. By doing so, we aim to provide our clients and partners with a versatile payment gateway that can handle a wide range of transactions, from property purchases to service fees, with unparalleled ease and efficiency which will utilize XDC's cryptocurrency.

Widely Adopted: Recognized as the leading go-to platform for web3 title services in the global real estate industry, with a significant user base.

Expanded Offerings: Beyond just title services, we aim to introduce additional features like property history tracking, on-chain NFT home purchasing (prospective buyer must purchase a real estate property and title it as a single-purpose Limited Liability Company - LLC via our NFT My Home™ add-on to NFTitle), integration with mortgage services, and more.

Global Reach: While starting in specific regions, we aim to expand our services globally, catering to different property markets worldwide.

Community-Driven Development: With a year of feedback and suggestions, the NFTitle platform will have seen multiple iterations, each making it more aligned with user needs.

Strategic Partnerships: Having established collaborations with major real estate agencies, title/escrow, insurance underwriters, law firms, and possibly even governmental bodies (i.e. county recording/land records offices) related to property registration.

In summary, the next 12 months for Ubitquity are all about growth, innovation, and setting new benchmarks in the real estate title industry. By fully embracing the capabilities of XDC and continuously refining our services, we are poised to redefine how property titles are managed in the digital era.

Team Dynamics:

Nathan Wosnack, Founder & CEO | LinkedIn Profile:

“Mr. Wosnack, an entrepreneur, futurist, and visionary, is the pioneering Founder & CEO driving UBITQUITY LLC—a groundbreaking company merging real technology with web3 innovation. His career spanning over two decades, and an early bitcoin adopter since 2009, reflects his relentless passion for pushing boundaries and industry transformation. As the driving force behind UBITQUITY LLC, he led the company from its 2015 inception to global prominence, disrupting norms and redefining possibilities. Mr. Wosnack's unique mix of entrepreneurial spirit, strategic insight, and hands-on leadership has shaped UBITQUITY into an industry leader with cutting-edge products and unwavering excellence. Quoted by Reuters, CoinTelegraph, The Wall Street Journal, and others, Mr. Wosnack is on the Futurist Advisor Board of the Lifeboat Foundation, and is an Advisory Board member for PropTech LATAM Summit and FIBREE.

He is a corporate member of the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise (FIBREE) and has previously served as a FIBREE Regional Chair (Jan 2019 - Jan 2023) and as a member of the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Distributed Ledger Workgroup. Under his guidance, UBITQUITY has not just overcome market challenges, but thrived, consistently delivering innovative solutions to evolving global customer needs. His determination, coupled with team-building prowess, has not only yielded business success but also cultivated a culture of innovation and collaboration at the core of UBITQUITY's identity. Mr. Wosnack’s visionary leadership continues to inspire the next generation of innovators and strategically positions the company for sustained growth and worldwide influence.”

Ignacio Landáez Duin, COO | LinkedIn Profile:

“Mr. Landáez Duin is an accomplished and results-driven executive with over 10 years of experience in strategic operations management. As the Chief Operating Officer at UBITQUITY LLC, he spearheads the company's operational excellence initiatives, optimizing processes and driving cross-functional collaboration to enhance overall efficiency and profitability. Mr. Landáez Duin’s strong leadership and dynamic approach have consistently delivered impressive results, streamlining workflows, reducing costs, and accelerating growth. With a proven track record of successfully scaling operations and implementing innovative strategies, over the last two and a half years, he has played a pivotal role in positioning UBITQUITY, LLC as a market leader in the industry. Mr. Landáez Duin dedication to operational innovation, combined with his exceptional team-building skills, continues to empower the organization to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving business landscape.”

David Simpson, Chief Growth Officer | LinkedIn Profile:

“Mr. Simpson is a dynamic and results-oriented executive with a proven track record of driving exponential growth for global organizations. As the Chief Growth Officer at UBITQUITY LLC, he leverages his strategic vision and extensive experience to orchestrate and execute initiatives that fuel business expansion and revenue acceleration. With over 14 years of Fortune 500 financial experience, 5 years of logistics experience and 5 years of federal service to UBITQUITY. Mr. Simpson is a driving force behind the company's market penetration and diversification strategies. His ability to identify emerging market trends and translate them into actionable plans has consistently yielded impressive outcomes, expanding UBITQUITY’s footprint in both established and untapped markets. Mr. Simpson’s leadership has fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration, inspiring teams to push boundaries and capitalize on opportunities. His commitment to sustainable growth and transformative partnerships continues to position UBITQUITY as a trailblazer in its industry, poised for continued success on a global scale.”

Tatjana O’Brien, Chief A.I. Officer

“Miss. O’Brien is a visionary leader in the realm of artificial intelligence, with a distinguished career over the last several years in AI research and application. As the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer at UBITQUITY LLC, she drives the company's strategic vision for UbitquityAI, by harnessing bleeding-edge AI technologies to transform industries and solve complex challenges. While she is completing her degree in Applied Mathematics (in 2024) with a strong focus on Artificial Intelligence at the University of Regensburg (UR), Miss. O’Brien has consistently pushed the boundaries of AI innovation. Her unique blend of technical expertise and strategic acumen has enabled her to bridge the gap between theory and real-world impact, leading to the development of AI-driven products that have revolutionized customer experiences and operational efficiency. Under her guidance, UBITQUITY LLC continues to push the boundaries of AI possibility, shaping the future of technology in profound and impactful ways.”

Anastasiya Maslova, Chief Marketing Officer | Linkedin Profile:

“Ms. Maslova is a seasoned blockchain enthusiast with a journey that began in 2016. Her expertise lies in the domains of self-custody Bitcoin security and Bitcoin inheritance. Armed with a graduate degree from Drexel University encompassing international business, economics, and English, she possesses a versatile skill set. Her capabilities span across content creation, marketing, client relations, teaching, social media management, community building, technical support, and business development. Her career has seen her contribute significantly to pioneering startups, including Ubitquity,, Exodus wallet, Lunargistics, and”

Abdul Rehman, Full Stack Developer

“Abdul Rehman, boasting over six years of experience as a seasoned full-stack developer, has been a stalwart in the realm of blockchain and web3 technologies. His extensive skill set encompasses REACT front-end development, fluency in programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Java, and NodeJS, as well as a profound command of cutting-edge web development frameworks. Abdul is particularly adept at crafting user-friendly web applications and fine-tuning database performance. His unwavering dedication to staying abreast of the ever-evolving blockchain and web3 landscape renders him an invaluable asset to any development team, consistently delivering scalable and efficient software solutions.”


Our organization comprises a distributed team composed of both frontend and backend developers, complemented by a committed project manager. Spearheading our development endeavors is our lead developer, overseeing the primary workload, in addition to supervising a full-time developer. Collectively, our team boasts over 60 years of cumulative expertise in web and application integration. At present, our team is diligently engaged in the creation of a bleeding-edge learn-and-earn web3 enabled applications, Our initiative reflects our dedication to harnessing innovative technologies to drive impactful solutions... ONE BLOCK AT A TIMEⓇ.

Discussion (34)

cryptosandtokens profile image
Robert Aronovici

Amazing information!

I've followed Ubitquity since inception. Integration/migrating to the XDC Network will help both projects grow rapidly!

Real world assets is happening faster than people thing!

nathan_wosnack profile image
Nathan Wosnack Author

Much obliged. Thanks for being there since the beginning, Robert. 😎

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Justyna Osowska


sean_ profile image


These are the kind of use cases that gets me excited. We would really love to have you on our network. RWAs and XDC Network is a match made in heaven.

womeninblockchaincad profile image
Justyna Osowska


nathan_wosnack profile image
Nathan Wosnack Author

Thanks, Mohit! We can't wait to make this a reality.

jason_gregory_8db9f763a65 profile image
Jason Gregory

Ubitquity provides incredible tools to simplify the transfer of real world assets on the blockchain! It’s getting better everyday and the XDC community is an amazing addition to expanding the platform! 🙏🏻

nathan_wosnack profile image
Nathan Wosnack Author

Thanks, Jason, for your kind words!

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gary_wong_hongkong profile image
Gary Wong • Edited on

Ubitquity is amazing creating useful tools and platform for the real estate industry. It's a perfect application of blockchain technology and the project is benefitial to the XDC community and more. It's an exciting opportunity for XDC to support Ubitquity to bring to the world a truly amazing product and raise the influencing image of XDC and Ubitquity alike. Definitely win win. I vote "yes" to the proposal.

ravikumar_j_5016c023f6919 profile image
Ravikumar J

Intresting project

ravikumar_j_5016c023f6919 profile image
Ravikumar J

Yes Vote

nathan_wosnack profile image
Nathan Wosnack Author

Dear, Ravikumar,

Thank you for your kind words. Would this be a yes vote from you for the grant, sir?

Happy New year!

nohamir profile image
Nohamir • Edited on

A partnership between XDC and Ubitquity would bring mutual benefits to them both. The future of real estate entitlement AND the future of payments are a really great combination. So therefore i vote "YES" to this proposal.

suleman_muhammad_3f12bb13 profile image
Suleman Muhammad

As an advocate for innovation and collaboration, I am pleased to extend my full support to this proposal. Their dedicated team, rich in experience, is on the cutting edge of web3 applications. Embracing their vision of impact, I confidently cast my vote 'YES' for their groundbreaking initiative.

kurtis_conner_72633135ac6 profile image
Kurtis Conner

Great Vision with already so much accomplished. Real use case with real profit sustainability as well! Def a value addition to the platform.

womeninblockchaincad profile image
Justyna Osowska

yes, real use case and clients!

nathan_wosnack profile image
Nathan Wosnack Author

Thanks so much, Kurtis! We definitely have accomplished a lot and we can't wait to accomplish even more with XDC to end off the year and well into 2024 and beyond!

womeninblockchaincad profile image
Justyna Osowska

Vote = Yes

nathan_wosnack profile image
Nathan Wosnack Author

Thanks, Justyna!

maheen_shah_e468fd0e55f91 profile image
Maheen Shah

I cast my vote with a resounding 'YES' for this endeavor. ONE BLOCK AT A TIME.

nathan_wosnack profile image
Nathan Wosnack Author

Maheen, you're amazing. Thanks for the support!

rahul_pai_c7376621120e45f profile image
Rahul Pai

There is tremendous potential and scope for Ubitquity's offerings and we wish them the very best in transformation of the title landscape across the globe!

nathan_wosnack profile image
Nathan Wosnack Author

Rahul, you're too kind! Global real estate transformation is vitally important to us.

the_hub_1d23aa060535e8b68 profile image
The Hub

Our Vote : A resounding Yes!

nathan_wosnack profile image
Nathan Wosnack Author

Thanks, The Hub ☺️

jason_gregory_8db9f763a65 profile image
Jason Gregory

I vote YES!

nathan_wosnack profile image
Nathan Wosnack Author

Thank you, Jason!

msjb profile image

This sounds like a perfect match! Ubitquity's groundbreaking NFT architecture for enterprise will work well for XDC and their vision for enterprise. This is a huge vote of YES for me!

nathan_wosnack profile image
Nathan Wosnack Author

Dear MsJb22,

I truly appreciate your encouraging words and support. Thank you and happy new year!

Best regards,

andr_klaster_d863d79430c profile image
André Klaster

Amazing project. Vote for YES.

nathan_wosnack profile image
Nathan Wosnack Author

Cheers, Andre! 😎

sujeet profile image
Sujeet Kumar

Awesome. This project has a great vision and would revolutionize the fintech sector.

nathan_wosnack profile image
Nathan Wosnack Author

Sujeet, thank you, good sir! 😎