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Salomon Morales
Salomon Morales

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Request for test XDC via BlocksScan faucet

This proposal is to ask BlocksScan for 70,000,000 test XDC via the faucet as per their requirement stipulated here.

The protocol team has been working on XDPoS 2.0 and currently they are ready to deploy the upgrade on the Apothem network. Part of the process will require to stand up additional nodes. There are currently 7 master nodes (10M staked per node) running XDC 1.0 on Apothem

The additional nodes plus the 7 already live would be the new Apothem testnet at the hard fork. Some of them could eventually be taken down but not all of them as it would take down Apothem.

We have a team that's currently spinning up nodes on Apothem to be staked with test XDC and some of them will remain running on the Apothem network as stated above. I have spun 2 nodes on Apothem and will keep them running to support the Apothem network going forward.

The wallet holding the test XDC received by BlocksScan will reside on this wallet for transparency:

The wallet will distribute the XDC to those node operators running the nodes on Apothem.

Thank you for your support!

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Rupali Mestry


Thank you for your request, the purpose of tool are being served when developers utilise it in their development.
Happy to see your request has been served by Blocksscan.
For transparency here is the transaction hash for the requested test XDC from Blocksscan Faucet:

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions regarding the platform.