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[HackVerse] XDCVault - A Secure Crypto Wallet

Project Name:
XDCVault - A Secure Crypto Wallet

XDCVault: Where Unwavering Security Meets User-Centric Innovation. Experience the Future of Crypto Wallets, Fortified with Advanced Encryption, Multiple Wallet Support, and Intuitive Face Recognition.

Problem Statement
Crypto wallet users face significant challenges in securing their digital assets. The need for a decentralized and secure solution is paramount. Traditional wallets rely on client or server-side storage, which can be vulnerable to attacks.

XDCVault is the answer to these problems. It's a highly secure and cryptographically encrypted wallet that does not rely on client or server-side storage systems. XDCVault ensures the utmost security for user private keys and passwords. With XDCVault, users can securely send and receive crypto payments on the XDC network.

Key Features:
Security: XDCVault employs advanced encryption algorithms, including PBKDF2, AES-GCM, and SHA-256, to protect user passwords and wallet private keys.
Multiple Wallets: XDCVault supports multiple wallets, making it versatile for users with various crypto assets.
User-Friendly: It offers functions like importing existing wallets, creating new wallets, and exporting wallet private keys securely.
Face Recognition: A standout feature is the use of face recognition for user wallet creation, enhancing KYC.

Tech Stack
XDCVault is built using modern and robust technologies:

Headless UI
Tailwind CSS




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