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Phill Menezes
Phill Menezes

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Feature Request: Make "Verify and Publish" feature available via API

Summary of the request: Other block scanner services have successfully provided a verification tool available via API (i.e., Etherscan). It allowed the community to develop tools and plugins like truffle-verify-plugin, which makes the verification process a much less time-consuming task for developers, thus, improving the development experience.

Following this reasoning, I believe it would be a great addition to the Blockscan API, an endpoint that allows users to use the verification feature through an API call.

This issue is also being tracked on GitHub

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Thank you @menezesphill for your suggestion, We have shared this requirement with tech team and we will share ETA soon on request feature/API.

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Hello there.
Please do we have any updates on this? I need to verify a bunch of contracts and do it manually is not easy and not efficient at all. Please we do need such a API.
Thank you.

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Rahul Chavan

Its been a year since the feature request by Phill Menezes, still there is no API feature for verifying contracts through frameworks like hardhat.