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Discussion on: XDC Community requires your support!

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Phill Menezes

I vote: YES.

I am particularly impressed with how much the XDC Community has accomplished in such a short time, only two months and a lot of effort and engagement.

I believe this proposal will have a massive impact on the community in a good way. The budget will allow the team to focus on high-quality content and prepare our community for the next market cycle, putting XDC in a good position compared to other chains and boosting the network's legitimacy to newcomer builders/users.

Denying XDC to invest in its community development and halting the work done so far would speed down the network growth. For that reason, I fully support this proposal.

However, since it is undoubtedly a significant investment, I am also in favor of setting a few metrics to measure the impact of the work done by the XDC Community to quantify the team performance.

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Jon McBee

Thank you for the kind words Phill, you are both a product and enabler of the growth you mention, and you serve as a shining example of how these efforts have served to further strengthen the community. I agree with you that we need metrics. The simplest ones that come to mind are GitHub engagement, hackathon engagement, and bounty engagement metrics. We should be able to show growth in these numbers across the board. We are also planning on launching new initiatives focused on enabling the growth of developer user groups and clubs around the world, starting with colleges and universities and working with existing network stakeholders who are undertaking similar initiatives in parallel.

I think that the most important metrics will revolve around the creation, execution, and funding by industry of XIPs.