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Meghana Jibin Nambiar
Meghana Jibin Nambiar

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Plugin’s monthly report for April 2023

“Belief creates the actual fact”.

Our mission is to “To accept, adapt, innovate and deliver decentralized solutions for the global Blockchain communities; where sky is not just the limit but beginning” and this is what we at Plugin are chasing every second of our day, trying to give the best of everything to our community members and customers.

The month of April had many interesting happenings in Plugin which includes client visits, partnership announcements, and the introduction of new price feeds.

Mr. Eddie Cullen, Founder and CEO of Crescite Innovation Corporation visited us at our Sharjah office and participated in the discussion about projects both organizations are working on and, planned to work in the future. This included brainstorming sessions on how to support each other and launch projects quickly and efficiently for the community members.

We are glad to announce that Plugin Oracle can now be used to integrate XDC/USDT prices into your smart contracts. Refer to our repository at for steps to integrate this price feed into your smart contracts. Currently, it works on Apothem Network (Testnet), and on request, we can help in integrating the prices onto Mainnet as well.

Plugin’s first newsletter for the month of April will be published soon. If you haven't signed up for our newsletter, we encourage you to visit “” and subscribe immediately.

Plugin's Ticket SLA Metrics Monthly Review.

Total number of tickets received - 53
Total number of solved tickets - 35
Total number of in-progress tickets - 18

Plugin's Roadmap for 2023:

The links to our official social media handles -


We want to thank our community once more for continuing to support us in our endeavors.

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