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Discussion on: [Solved]XDC-adress given from ledger & mycrypto is not valid to recive xdc-tokens from Bitfinex

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Mattias Widell Author

Thanx :-)

So ewen if i change from 0x to xdc its still the same adress?

Meaning that even if i change from 0x to xdc it will reach my wallet when transfered from Bitfinex?

Here is my wallet and the wallet finds no xdc tokens and i belived its becouse i change the adress from 0x to xdc so that the tokens reached another wallet but you think it should reach my wallet ewen with the changed prefix?

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Terry Ingram

I too have the same problem - anyone have the answer yet?

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Rob Driskell

Did you get this sorted out...? I have the same problem. Changed the 0x to xdc and successfully sent it to the xdc network, but cannot view it in mycrypto or ledger. Please let me know if you got this resolved.