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Maaz Imran
Maaz Imran

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[Informative] Scam projects in hackathon

I have a great news !!

xcrypt was xdc project in eth toranto now its converted into bnb chain the user has deleted the xdc integration and replaced the word xdc with bnb in description as well


i see a winner who got prize in xdc in eth toranto hackathon the project name is xcrypt i have seen the same project in every hackathon with different names this guy only changes the name of the project and integrate the respective chain and submits to that hackathon and win prizes i see the same project by got disqualified in canto hackathon because they see this appropriate behaviour due to this he has made all his github repos private
Image description Now you can clearly see this he converted the project deployment from xdc to bnb and submitted that same project in bnb hackathon .Xdc community should take an action against this behaviour . Instead of selecting these type of scammy projects they should select those projects who really work hard themselves .See the list of all previous projects that he is continually submitting to every evm hackathon and taking prizes the thing he does only he changes the name of the project , hide the previous one and submit the new project to that respective hackathon .

Here is the list of all copied project (transfered into bnb from xdc lol)

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Robert Aronovici

Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the community! Remember, deploying is open-source, so anything can happen after the fact (fork, migration and etc.,).

A challenging scenario to stop these types of actions...

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Thank you for highlighting this within the community!

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Maaz Imran Author • Edited on
check these as well same thing different name ..

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Lance Lilly

Thank you very much for bringing this up and providing all the evidence to back up the claim.