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Discussion on: XDC Private Network stuck at block 1799 with error " Failed to prepare header for new block err="list M1 not found "

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lucksin3 Author

Thanks Daniel, The network was started with 3 signer nodes. I deployed 4 separate machines for each node

Server 1 - Masternode - xdce26974f4ce341f4095427db5d9d5fb1dd07789bf
Server 2 - Signer 1 - xdcf972a155908c18fc5913af5c6bf3e047d1e98ef8
Server 3 - Signer 2 - xdc72be911ceaba0d1db05ec37f05a3bf89bd866592
Server 4 - Signer 3 - xdc0d8341deff2b85745390cec5e1bc595ac54c3a0e

Let me try with your steps today.

also, i preffer to deploy signer nodes manually rather than scripts. i dont thing that should be the issue since all 4 nodes were able to sync as soon as the network was setup.

are you on Telegram BTW, i can take this offline with you there?

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Daniel Liu

You can add my telegram: gzliudan