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Discussion on: XDC Origin: Token Creation Tool For Free without Code Knowledge | Origin is the XDC Network’s Token Creation Tool

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Lorenzo Cardellini

It has been in this state for more than 24 hours.

I forgot, even in "Edit Contract Profile" the actions are not updated.

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Okay Noted. I am also facing the same issue while uploading the Token Image.
@xdc_foundation Team, Post API for upload is not working, Please look into this and fix it ASAP.
Post API Name: upload-xrc20-file-to-s3

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XDC Foundation

Thank you for reporting this issue. We will pursue a resolution and follow up as soon as possible.

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Any update on the "Upload issue"?

Can you please let us know how can we connect with your team.

We have some other queries too, Kindly provide your email id or telegram id for further communication.