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XDCPay - Open Issue?

Team - Lately, if we take any activities, we experience problems with XDCPay access. For instance, when we attempt to send any tokens or XDC Coin to another address, it repeatedly displays "loading" or "processing" page but when we click someplace on the browser and visit the XDCPay again, the next action is displayed.

It occurs sporadically with the majority of my colleagues.

Please check

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Thank you for reporting issue. XDCPay tech team is working on it; once fixed, we'll update.

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Neelam Sable

Hello @Lokesh,
BlocksScan Have Successfully Upgraded the XDCPay 2.0, and XDCPay browser extension wallet Beta version is now available.

You can refer this article for connecting XDCPay 2.0 beta Version:

Still, if you are facing any issues while accessing the XDCPay to a particular application, comment below and share your experience with us.