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PLI Blockathon '22 - Let's cruise through

What a week it's been for the XDC & Team Plugin Community! Yes, we recently hosted a hackathon in Chennai, India, with a full house and a lot of energy.

The Team Plugin, in collaboration with the IPR Partner "Humcen Global Pvt Ltd," has inaugurated the PLI Blockathon '22 in India. It was planned to take place at the prestigious "Sathybama University" in Tamilnadu, and participants from all around India were anticipated.

We didn't receive the anticipated project submissions from the participants after our announcement. We then adjusted our approach and carried out several hand-hold calls over the course of a week, which was a resounding success. Participants began to believe that trying Web3 wasn't all that tough.

Over 110 projects were submitted for the hackathon. For the grand finale, 35 teams were selected after a thorough assessment procedure.

Members of the jury team, including blockchain experts from diverse industries, assisted us in assessing the initiatives.

The hackathon lasted 36 hours without interruption, and we saw that participants were working enthusiastically on their use cases.

Here are the stats

  • 1050+ entries
  • 100+ projects
  • 35 Team shortlisted
  • 110+ particpants invited for grand finale
  • 20+ Guests
  • 10+ Guest Speaker
  • 3 Winners

Here are the Top 10 Teams in the order
1) XDC Eco Drive - Winner (5,00,000 in INR)
2) Farmers Portal by Tech O'lics - 1st Runner up (2,50,000 in INR)
3) Gamind Dapp SDK - 2nd Runner up - (1,00,000 in INR)
4) DeBank
5) Better Fund
6) Online Incident/Crime Reporting Platform
7) Secured Cargo
8) MindCare
9) Env Chain
10)XDC Health - By Razor Code

Because we value the time and work of the contestants, the Team Plugin has stated that each finalist will receive some reward. We are confident that this will increase their motivation and self-assurance to participate in the hackathon again in the future.

Even though the event went incredibly well, there were a few issues that needed to be resolved before we headed out again. However, I am confident that the lessons we learned will enable our eco-system partners to advance more successfully in future events.

  • The React/Angular framework should include an SDK for wallet integration.
  • XDCPay should be added to "Wallet Connect" as the majority of participants are familiar with the web3Modal package and are looking for XDCPay in web3Modal.
  • Xinfin Remix is showing "Pending" transactions, although Ethereum Remix is operating normally.
  • To be containerized and made accessible through Docker Hub. So, setting up and executing the "Plugin" should be simple for anyone.

The Team Plugin will be quite active over the next weeks, and we can't wait to collaborate with the appropriate teams to turn this dapp into a full-fledged application.

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