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Kuna Sekaren
Kuna Sekaren

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[WIP] Need Help

Hello everyone, I just joined this site. I am not sure if I am at the right place as I have written to the support site of XDC ( with delivery incomplete.
Maybe someone here can help me. I signed in my wallet to retrieve my account as my XDC app on my phone was gone mysteriously. I reinstalled the app but this time it required me to download and import wallet.
So, I tried to download the xdc wallet on my laptop to retrieve using Mnemonic Phrase, which I did but could not get pass after signing in. It only shows lots of Ethereum private key with zero balance but none of XDC.
Please, someone help me on how to use the print out to retrieve my private key from my laptop.
Thank you.

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Mohit Dhiman

Which XDC App were you using on your phone?