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krithikgokul selvam
krithikgokul selvam

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[HackVerse] Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Management(Hackverse 2.0)

Tagline :This work is based on the web3 hackthon.
The Project it solves:
Challenge Ran Info: Developing a web application that leverages blockchain technology to provide a secure and transparent system for supply chain management can be complex and resource-intensive.
Tech Stack:using web3 and HTML Front end base development.
Github URL:
Video Demo:
Team Profile: Krithik Gokul S
XDC Wallet Address : krithikgokul_selvam_16095

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Hello, @krithikgokul_selvam_16095 .
Please take a moment to verify your XDC wallet address; it should commence with either the 'xdc' or '0x' prefix. Kindly make the necessary adjustments to your post.
Thank you.