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Discussion on: (Closed)Store Your XDC in Ledger Nano / Hardware Wallet

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Kimo Omer

I sent xdc token to ledger nano x from metamask. I can't find my xdc token on ledger nano x, it seems like lost. What should i do?
Someone can help please.

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Michael Johansen • Edited on

It's not on your Nano X - none of your assets really is! The Nano X just holds your privat keys!

What you most likely mean is, that you can't see your assets on Ledger Live, and you're right about that - as XDC is not (yet) supported by Ledger Live.

Your assets are not lost though. You just have to manage them from a 3rd party application - like for instance , or an other likewise app.

Open the chosen app and log in with your Ledger Nano X - and your assets will be there for you to see and manage.

(If they are not there, you have sent the assets to a wrong address, and they are indeed lost.)