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[Informative] XDC Integration into




Staking Rewards is the core data infrastructure provider and central information hub for the crypto staking industry with over 200 000 monthly active users. We plan to integrate XDC onto our platform and Staking Data API to showcase your asset data, calculate staking rewards, and display opportunities for yield-seeking Users. The integration will display 50+ unique data points with a full asset integration for two years. The integration includes:

  • Integration Prioritization
  • Real-Time Momentum, General, Risk, and Reward Metrics
  • Historical Data Charts
  • Run a Validator Section
  • FAQs and tutorials
  • Advanced Reward Calculator
  • Inclusion on Our Staking Data API Used by Industry Leaders Including Coinbase, Bloomberg, Kraken and More
  • On-Chain Validator Data & Profiles (Where Applicable)
  • Listing of all Masternode-as-a-Service Providers
  • Validator Maintenance & Updates
  • Prioritized Asset Maintenance & Updates
  • Written Interview with Your Team
  • Tutorial
  • Ongoing Telegram Support
  • Integration Announcement
  • Access to the Wider Staking Rewards Network

You can view all previous work done by Staking Rewards on our website Our team is publicly doxxed and well respected in the staking industry, you can view our team members on LinkedIn here.

Our team that will work on the integration is:

For any referral into what we do, you can contact any of the Verified Staking Providers listed here or any of the integrated assets here. We will have other concurrent work obligations during the integration of XDC.


Grant application Details:


Grant category: Applications and integrations and staking
Project description:

Staking Rewards is a comprehensive platform dedicated to providing information and resources related to staking. Our unique value proposition lies in our commitment to offering users the most up-to-date and accurate data on staking rewards, as well as a range of tools and educational content to help them navigate the staking landscape effectively.


How will our integration help the XDC network?


If funded, our project aims to enhance the XDC Network in several ways:

  1. Increased Visibility and Adoption: By integrating XDC assets into the Staking Rewards platform, we can bring more visibility to the XDC Network within the broader crypto and staking community. This exposure can attract new users and investors to the network, fostering greater adoption.

  2. Staking Incentives: Our platform will provide users with detailed information on XDC staking rewards, including current rates and historical data. This transparency can incentivize token holders to stake their XDC, thus increasing network security and stability through a larger pool of staked tokens.

  3. Educational Resources: We will create educational content and tutorials specific to XDC staking, helping users understand the process and benefits. This will lower the entry barrier for new participants and encourage more users to stake XDC.

  4. **Validator Insights: **Staking Rewards will offer comprehensive information about XDC Network validators, including their performance, commission rates, and historical data. This will help users make informed decisions when choosing validators, contributing to the overall health of the network.

  5. Advanced Tools: Our platform will provide advanced tools and calculators tailored to XDC staking. These tools will enable users to estimate potential returns, assess risks, and optimize their staking strategies, ultimately enhancing their staking experience.

  6. Community Engagement: Staking Rewards has an active community of stakers and validators. By integrating XDC, we will facilitate discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among XDC Network participants, fostering a stronger and more engaged community.

  7. Support and Maintenance: Our ongoing support and maintenance of the XDC integration ensure that users can rely on our platform for accurate and up-to-date information. This long-term commitment contributes to the overall stability and credibility of the XDC Network.




Milestone #1 - Research and Preparation
Deliverables: In-depth research on XDC staking economics and network mechanics.
Development of a comprehensive integration plan, including aggregation methodology and data calculation methods.
KPI Goals: Completion of research documentation and methodology framework.
Expected Date of Achievement: 1 week after grant approval.

Milestone #2 - Integration Development
Deliverables: Implementation of the XDC integration in a controlled staging environment. Thorough testing and quality assurance of the integration.
Initial feedback gathering and implementation from the XDC team. Once completed, the page will be viewable by the team to check the accuracy of the data.
KPI Goals: Successful staging deployment without critical issues.
Expected Date of Achievement: 2 weeks after grant approval.

Milestone #3 - Content Creation
Deliverables: Creation of educational content, including articles, videos, tutorials, FAQs, and tooltips, tailored to XDC staking. Integration of XDC-specific data into our platform.
KPI Goals: Completion of all content and data integration.
Expected Date of Achievement: 3 weeks after grant approval.

Milestone #4 - Production Launch and Marketing
Deliverables: Final live integration of XDC staking on Staking Rewards.
Marketing and announcement campaigns to promote the XDC integration. Ongoing maintenance and support for the XDC integration. Collaborations with the XDC community and other stakeholders.
KPI Goals: Successful live integration with no major issues. Effective marketing campaigns reaching the target audience. Ongoing maintenance and support established.
Expected Date of Achievement: 4 weeks after grant approval.

Milestone #5 - User Growth and Engagement
Deliverables: Monitor and report on user adoption and engagement metrics.
Collaborate with the XDC community to drive user growth and participation. Continuously update and improve XDC-related content and tools based on user feedback.
KPI Goals: Achieve a 20% increase in the number of XDC stakers within the first year. Maintain a consistently growing user base and engagement throughout the two-year commitment.
Expected Date of Achievement: Ongoing, starting from launch.




Research and Preparation (Milestone #1) - $7,000:
This phase involves in-depth research into XDC staking economics and network mechanics, which requires dedicated resources for comprehensive analysis. Development of a robust integration plan, including aggregation methodology and data calculation methods, necessitates skilled personnel.

Integration Development (Milestone #2) - $12,000:

Implementation of the XDC integration in a controlled staging environment requires significant development efforts, including coding and testing. Thorough testing and quality assurance are crucial to ensure a seamless integration process, and this requires dedicated time and personnel. Initial feedback gathering and implementation from the XDC team may necessitate additional development work.

Content Creation (Milestone #3) - $8,000:
Creation of educational content, including articles, videos, tutorials, FAQs, and tooltips, tailored to XDC staking, requires skilled content creators, designers, and video production resources. Integration of XDC-specific data into our platform necessitates technical expertise.

Production Launch and Marketing (Milestone #4) - $8,000:

The final live integration of XDC staking on Staking Rewards requires a smooth deployment process and ongoing maintenance, which incur associated costs.
Marketing and announcement campaigns to promote the XDC integration are crucial for user adoption and awareness. Ongoing maintenance and support for the XDC integration are necessary to ensure its continued success.

Total Funding Request: $25,000




Staking Rewards is committed to the long-term sustainability of its operations, and the integration of XDC into our platform aligns with this vision. Our sustainability plan for this project revolves around several key aspects:

Asset Integrations: The integration of XDC into Staking Rewards enhances our platform's utility and attracts a wider user base. This growth in user engagement contributes to our financial sustainability by increasing platform traffic and engagement metrics, which are attractive to advertisers and potential partners.

Advertising and Partnerships: As our platform gains popularity through the inclusion of XDC, it becomes an attractive space for crypto-related advertising and partnerships. We will actively seek advertising deals and partnerships within the blockchain industry. These collaborations provide an additional stream of revenue that can support our ongoing operational costs.

Staking providers: We partner with 60+ staking providers through the Verified Staking Provider program to support their growth and provide a standard for transparency in the staking industry.

Grant Funding: Staking Rewards regularly applies for grants and funding opportunities from blockchain networks and organizations. These grants not only support the integration and maintenance of assets like XDC but also provide a crucial source of funding that sustains our operations.




We are incorporated in Switzerland. The recipient of the funds would be our registered entity (Finrate AG) in the form of FIAT or crypto.



** is the central marketplace for stakers, assets, and validators alike. Feel free to ask any questions and contact us:


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