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Discussion on: Increasing the Security and Decreasing the Supply of XDC

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James Love

Absolutely YES !

I propose we simply make the transaction fee 0.01 XDC ... that is easy to remember as it's like a penny in relation to 1 USD ... so easy for old and new community members to pass along for clarity

0.01 xdc tx fee would be a 25x increase from the current 0.0004 and so even at a future price of 1 USD per XDC, the tx fee is still just 1 cent ($0.01 USD) per tx and would raise the DDoS attack cost to over $50k even at the low current xdc price with this rising to over $1M when each xdc is worth $1 or more

I think it is currently ridiculous that a layer 2 can mint hundreds of NFTs for less than 1 xdc ... there is an economy here and an exchange of value ... XDC Network provides way more value than we are currently charging and while we don't want to be anywhere near ETH levels, it's not healthy for any economy to give services away as eventually the network becomes poorer.

In any empire, when the money (xdc) deteriorates then the vibrancy of the community goes down which then leads to weakness and someone stronger taking its place.

Let's keep this a win-win for everyone with XDC HODLERS being rewarded for providing decentralization for a great price and super fast speed without putting ourselves in a position of weakness.

Thanks Dust!!