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Discussion on: A Central HUB for the XDC Community!

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James Love

VOTE = YES to the idea and operations

OVERALL VOTE = NO because this is basically a website and $300k for a year and a month seems a little steep asking price but …

While we’re at it maybe you can cut your price down and finally get us a new xinfin website while you build this one

The founders can probably give the most accurate estimate of what bounty the ecosystem should pay for building and maintaining the main xinfin website (I call it that not to confuse with XDC Foundation) and to build this hub that is simply informational and does not pick favorites; though if the community knows a layer 2 is a bad actor, it should not appear in the hub imo

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Tre Nelson Author


Thanks for reading the proposal.

The goal is not to build a website, I’m building a community.

  1. Vetting all the projects

  2. Listing all the projects

  3. Curating all the data

  4. Curating is he content

  5. Recording / Editing / publishing the podcast

  6. Standing up an archival node for the rich list

  7. Engaging the community about XDC

  8. Attending Conferences to get the word out

  9. Continuous updates and improvements

  10. Full time Dev

Ecosystems don’t build themselves. You need consistent, intentional, passionate evangelist to build and grow.