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Discussion on: [Closed]Cannot Connect to Ledger Hardware Wallet (XDC Network Error)

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Ivan Tykhomyrov

Update: tried going through the m/44'/60' (the eth path like support suggested) and I was able to see the 100XDC that I sent to it (was just testing to see if this works). When trying to access my wallet through XDC.Network through m/44'/550'/0'/0, I get the same error like you guys are describing. I get that the MEW support said that we need to access our tokens through the m/44'/60' or eth, but what about all the money that I have sitting in there though m/44'/550'/0'/0 that I am unable to access? I hope they are able to resolve this. What scares me is that I am able to see these 100 tokens by connecting my ledger to META, but still unable to see the XDC.Network tokens (the main wallet with all of my money).