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Henry Shen
Henry Shen

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[Proposal] Introduction to Immunefi for XDC

Hello everyone! My name is Hen and I'm from the Immunefi BD/partnerships/everything-GTM team. Wanted to post this to introduce myself and Immunefi as we're a leading web3 bug bounty platform working with notable leaders across the industry such as Arbitrum, Polygon, LayerZero, Avalanche, Optimism, etc in hosting bug bounties for their ecosystems, protocols, and smart contract assets.

Outside of directly engaging with defi projects and dapps, we're also doing some interesting work with specific ecosystems like Optimism in creating governance proposals to support their native projects so that these projects can scale in a safe and secure manner. Feel free to reach out to me at hen@immunefi or TG: hen_immunefi if you have any qs regarding Immunefi or the work we're doing with ecosystems!

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Robert Aronovici

Nice! Welcome and the community is always supportive of new dApps and integrations! Let's see what your project and team has to offer!

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Henry Shen Author

Hey Robert - thx for the warm welcome :)

To clarify, we're not necessarily categorized as a dapp. We'd probably be closest to a service provider as we provide a platform for security researchers to hunt for bugs within the XDC ecosystem and stack. Lmk if you have any further qs!