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The Benefits of Managed Hosting for Digital Agencies

Meta Description: More digital agencies rely on managed hosting providers to take the technical load off their in-house teams. Learn the main benefits of managed hosts.
Digital services dominate today’s market. There’s an increased demand for marketing, SEO, social media, creative, and web development agencies. However, running one such company is certainly not an easy task. Dealing with technological advancements, changing customer demands, and simultaneously managing multiple campaigns are just a part of the daily tasks.
Due to all this, significantly more digital agencies rely on managed hosting providers to take the tech strain off teams so they can focus on their core business. And it’s for a reason. Let’s dive into details.

Why Do You Need A Managed Hosting Provider?
The goal of digital agencies is to ensure their clients’ websites are functional and they employ effective strategies to reach the campaign goals, one way or another. Yet, the client’s requirements may vary significantly. For instance, the tech needs of a high-traffic website are far more complex than a static site, a startup, or a small business. So, instead of spending valuable time configuring your platform to handle such variations, it would be best to leave the job to professionals.

Here are the top five reasons you should consider a managed web host for your digital agency.
#1: Better Reliability and Security for Your Clients
Managed hosting providers set up, manage, and monitor the network around the clock. They also handle installs and software updates. If they spot an issue, they can rectify it immediately, which is not the case with unmanaged hosting. With the latter, you’ll be responsible for these tasks, so improper configurations can lead to unwanted downtime, loss of website visitors, SEO, and profits on your clients’ websites.

Remember that poor performance, whether because of downtime or slow loading speeds, can cost you thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on the business’s scale.

You’ll usually enjoy an uptime guarantee of 99.9% or above and lightning-fast speeds with a managed host. However, before spending your money, it would be best to check the company’s real-life performance. The best way to do so is by using ranking websites with thousands of user reviews, such as HostAdvice.

Furthermore, managed web hosting solutions ensure better protection against cyberattacks with advanced firewalls and malware and DDoS prevention mechanisms. As a bonus, you can expect better data protection for your client’s data.

#2: It Reduces The IT Burden
Your in-house IT team is responsible for developing services for your customers and working on their projects and campaigns. So, adding server management to their schedule might be overwhelming. With so many tasks, IT teams can easily oversee important aspects of operation and respond slowly to issues that ask for fast fixes.
Employing a managed web host will help you free up your team so that they can focus on more critical aspects of the business.

#3: It Allows For Incredible Ease of Use
It might be time-consuming to cater to the different needs of your clients. One might require simple web development, while another might opt for complex integrations with apps or even a retail product recommendation engine.

So, a managed web host can not only reduce the need for consistent management but also for tech skills. Managed web hosting plans include 24/7 customer support via several channels, including phone, email, or live chat, making client work a piece of cake.

#4: Improved Scalability for Your Business
As you receive more clients or your current clients’ websites’ needs increase, you’ll need to scale your digital agency’s platform to host all these sites successfully. Your biggest constraint in this regard is your on-site servers’ capabilities. Once you reach your physical server’s limits, whether storage or processing capacity, you’ll either need to expand your infrastructure or lose clients; it’s as simple as that. Worse yet, adding server capability is costly and time-consuming.

Working with a managed host removes this constraint, especially if you are working with a managed cloud host, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server, such as IndSoft. Such providers grant you infinite scaling opportunities on a budget. As soon as your needs increase, you can add resources, such as CPU, RAM, or bandwidth, on-demand. And the best part is that you can do so faster, cheaper, and without downtime.

#5: Increased Flexibility and Earning Potential
With a traditional infrastructure, you might be forced to turn down clients or projects; it might be due to resource constraints or clients’ fluctuating demands. Your on-site servers might be ineffective in handling unexpected traffic spikes, or you might not have the time for it since your team is working on server management. Whatever the reason, the result is the same - you are losing money.

Managed web hosting grants you the flexibility and freedom to accept various projects and achieve the best possible results for all of your clients. With a flexible platform, you can take on more new clients without being afraid of being unable to build the website or application of their dreams.

The Bottom Line
Individuals and companies that lack the in-house knowledge or the time to handle these aspects of operation outsource third-party digital agencies. Digital agencies have the time, tools, specialist expertise, and human resources to perform the needed tasks more effectively and efficiently.

By the same logic, a digital agency that doesn’t have the skill or time to manage web hosting should entrust a managed web host to take over these tasks. And guaranteeing excellent performance is imperative for prospective clients, especially industry giants with high-traffic websites.

After all, simultaneously managing your clients and web hosting is pretty challenging and draining. On the other hand, focusing exclusively on your clients will help you achieve better results faster. So, the best tip we can give you is to do as your clients do – hire a professional!

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