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[WIP]Unable to access Account on Web Wallet

I try to login with mnemonic phrase with the betawallet but the adress I transferd my tokens to is not listed. Is there any way of accessing it or is it lost forever?

I got my seed phrase and password, also my complete XDC adress: XDC5E178aA145FF79661f18ce9aF0ca50CEe4Bd023A

Whatever I do in the wallet ends up with a error code.
When i try import my funds to any other wallet nothing is showing up.

Im quite sure I was able to choose XDC network when i created my wallet (cuz i hate ethereum) but whatever I try in wallet shows 0.

I know crypto and the risks with not writing down whats important but XDC wallet is due to an lawsuit.

Also block scan just loading, havent worked for months.

Everything build upon Etherium is extremly #¤"#¤ (dont have words for it). Tought XDC had its own network but when i try to access my XDC tokens I just ends up with ether wallet.

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You can view your address here, and it's loading completely fine:

If you're experiencing issues, there could be a couple of possibilities:

In current version we need to use our password as extra word for accessing the same set of addresses. Please make sure you are entering the correct extra word(password which you have made for your old wallet account).

For every extra word the wallet generate different set of addresses.

To confirm the above process, you can try entering a random extra word to see if it provides you with a different set of addresses.

Please let us know if you need any further assistance.

Article for reference:

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h a Author

I knew exactly what I was doing, I wrote everything down extremely carefully with three sets of papers. I have experience with several different blockchains except Etherium. I have tried to login with mnemonic alone or mnemonic with the exact password. Im 100% sure I have everything exactly right and I alson know I was able to log in directly after I made the deposits. A couple of months later I was not able to receve the correct adresses using the same words/password. Is it possible to do anything else or are the funds lost?