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Discussion on: [WIP]XDC private blockchain Fail to create tx sign for signer error

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Daniel Liu
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Raghuram Dharanipathy Author

Hi Daniel,

Reported “PR 238" fix is applied to the codebase, and testing was done. The node is running after 41000 blocks successfully.

PR 238 includes the reported issues like “Fail to add tx sign to local pool. error="nonce too low””, "list M1 not found”

Though the fix is applied, when we are initiating the blockchain with 1 masternode, 2 signernode, then it is causing “brain split phenomenon” as mentioned in the link So, as a standard the blockchain was configured with 3 or 5 signer node with 1 masternode while starting up the private blockchain.

The node was stopping at 1799 blocks, then re-configured the node with the Local_DPoS Repo of “gzliudan” and the nodes started up and running.

Deployed a smart contract on the private chain RPC, WSS and tested it out sucessfully.