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Eduardo Robles
Eduardo Robles

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How do i implement a subgraph?

I've been trying to implement a subgraph using graph-protocol's graph-node by changing this file to have ethereum: 'mainnet:'.

But running docker-compose up with this gives the following error.
Aug 29 20:46:40.700 WARN Trying again after eth_getBlockByNumber(0, false) RPC call failed (attempt #11) with result Err(Decoder error: Error("invalid length 43, expected a (both 0x-prefixed or not) hex string with length of 40", line: 0, column: 0)), provider: mainnet-rpc-0

I was kindly pointed to this post which does say that it is possible to have a subgraph, but haven't been able to tell the difference from my code to the one in the examples.

Can someone point me in the right direction here? What am i missing?

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xu zhaolin • Edited on

please find 3.4 below

3.4 Download graph-node complier,we have modified the graphnode code! Make sure you download it from our github!

sudo apt install -y cmake

cd ${HOME}
git clone graph-node.xdc
cd graph-node.xdc
git checkout -b xdc origin/xdc
cargo build --release

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Daniel Liu

The latest version is here:

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xu zhaolin


We have modified some of the graph source code to make it compatible with xdc network! you must use the code we provide to implement our method.