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Discussion on: [Solved]Sent My XDC for a wrong address. Who can help me?

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Emerson Ferreira Author • Edited on

Morning My friends,

My Metamask Wallet address is:
and Txhash transaction is:
Thank you for now

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Lorenzo Cardellini
Observe "Form:" and "To:"
"Form:" is your address
"To:" is the address you sent xdc to here
From the existence of a single transaction, for me it is a virgin address and, if you don't have the keys to access, you cannot recover the funds.
Now I don't know if the official team can do something but, being the main currency of the blockchain, nothing can be done.

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Emerson Ferreira Author

Thank so much you for your attention, I have to be more careful in the next time I should to send my funds.