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Discussion on: Increasing the Security and Decreasing the Supply of XDC

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There are a number of decisions we'll have to make going forward. For now, I've only proposed increasing the TX fees. There are a number of possibilities that open up after we increase the TX fees, like establishing a burn and changing the way in which MNs are rewarded, but those are big decisions, which require additional proposals and votes. For now, you're simply voting on whether to increase TX fees (security being the main reason for that). Later, if this vote passes, we'll vote on how much to increase the fees by, the burn, and the MN rewards.

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Under Toes

I agree we need to address security 100% and i thank you for your time and effort you have put into this proposal, but this feels like we are approaching it from the bottom up and figuring it out as we go along as opposed to a top down approach where we have a more complete vision in mind and are executing on individual proposals that work towards that more complete vision.

I vote against this proposal for now, though assume I'll be out voted, however in the future regardless of outcome, I would be happy to work with you to frame subsequent proposals in a different way that present a more complete vision.