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Discussion on: [WIP] Need XDC Wallet Help!

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Devin Sanghavi

Please help me. I have a similar problem. On 14 Nov 22 thought I would transfer some of my XDC on to web wallet so I created a wallet using XDC web wallet. Worst decision ever!

I saved seed and password. Did a test transaction. It was successful. Logged out.

Logged in again a few minutes later using my seed! The only explanation I have now is that when I logged in it led me through to a wallet even tho I realise now I probably typed the wrong password. Once logged in I transferred to 400002 XDC to this addres. It’s still sitting there. You can verify : xdc885C41e3bE9Eb1460BBd2eb50ecadfC69A04cC6d

I have tried various pwd combinations unsuccessfully! Even hired Team Offspec and they couldn’t help.

Atul, Ritesh, Quincy or anybody high up in Xinfin - how can a commercial enterprise grade blockchain allow somebody to progress to an incorrect wallet address after they input their correct seed but input mistyped password!!!!????

If somebody mistypes password for banking or email you have to try again. I’m so angry and regret using XDC web wallet! Can anybody help me?