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Discussion on: [WIP]Problems with beta wallet

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bullitt995 Author • Edited on

It is the XDC WalletXOW, v6.6.16. URL is I have no issue with the seed phrase... the problem seems to lie with the browser communicating with the Ledger so I can access the web wallet. And I am up-to-date on the browsers I had been trying.

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Robert Aronovici

I would use the web wallet from the Chrome Web Extensions (XDCPay 2.0) appears to be working with most dApps...

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bullitt995 Author

I have run into a new issue with XDCPay. I have the XDCPay extension on Brave but when I go to connect the Ledger, it asks for U2F browser support. Did a bit of digging only to find that Chrome removed the U2F API last year. Are there any alternative web authenticators for Chrome that is compatible with XDCPay?