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Discussion on: XDC Community requires your support!

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Billy Sebell • Edited on

Thank you for the detailed proposal and for all the work you have been doing for the network!

The XIP process was created to further decentralize the network and this submission will also stand as an example for future submissions by projects and potential L2's on the network.

XDC Community was created by members of the XDC Foundation that identified a gap in our development process and went to work to fill the gap with a platform, tools and vision.

It serves as an example of how we as community members can serve the network by bringing ideas into action for the network and an example of how new entities can establish and operate as independent community teams to support network growth.

Decentralization is a critical component of a successful network where ecosystem development is driven by these independent teams to support L2's and foster growth of network dApps.

I fully support this proposal and look forward to the feedback from the community.

Vote = YES

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Troy S. Wood

Well stated Billy! These are exciting and wonderful times for the XDC Network project.