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[Proposal] Integrate XDC into Web3 Platforms like Galxe, Zealy or Layer3


To enhance community engagement and expand our user base, I propose for the integration of the XDC chain into leading web3 community platforms such as Galxe, Zealy, or Layer3. These platforms offer invaluable resources, tools, and opportunities for us to actively engage with our community, foster adoption, and accomplish our objectives more efficiently.

Here's an overview of each of these platforms.


Galxe is one of the leading web3 community-building platform built on Ethereum. It offers a revolutionary approach to community engagement, credential verification, and collaboration within the decentralized ecosystem.

The integration of the XDC chain into Galxe holds immense potential to leverage these unique benefits.

  • Expanded Reach: Integrating the XDC chain into Galxe would grant access to over 14 million unique users and more than 5,000 partners. This would significantly expand the reach and visibility of the XDC ecosystem, fostering greater adoption and engagement.
  • Incentivized Participation: Galxe incentivizes users through rewards such as Galxe Loyalty Points, On-chain Achievement Tokens (OATs), and exclusive privileges. Integrating the XDC chain would enable users to earn and exchange XRC20 tokens as rewards for their contributions to the platform, further stimulating engagement and participation.
  • Community Collaboration: Galxe's Spaces feature offers verified landing pages where users can collaborate, share information, and engage with like-minded individuals. By integrating the XDC chain, communities within the XDC ecosystem can create dedicated Spaces to facilitate discussions, organize events, and foster collaboration, driving community growth and cohesion.

Additionally, the integration of the XDC chain into Galxe would provide XDC users with access to a vibrant and active community platform where they can connect, collaborate, and share knowledge with fellow enthusiasts. This exposure to a diverse and engaged user base within Galxe could attract new users to the XDC ecosystem, driving organic growth and expanding the reach of XDC adoption.


Cost to Integrate: No integration is needed to monitor on-chain activities for EVM partners. This option is free and incentivize users with loyalty points (off-chain rewards).

If the team desires to enable NFT minting, certain fees will be necessary. Additional information about the partnership benefits, such as announcements, guidance, and customization options, will be provided during the call with the project team.


Zealy empowers web3 and web2 companies to effectively engage with their communities through gamified tasks and rewards. It serves as an action layer on top of various applications, enabling companies to create gamified tasks for their communities. These tasks can range from creating user-generated content to boosting social media posts or coding web pages. By automating these tasks, Zealy streamlines community engagement efforts and facilitates scalable growth for companies.

Benefits of Integration

  • Enhanced Community Engagement: By integrating Zealy into the XDC ecosystem, companies can effectively onboard, educate, entertain, and grow their communities in a cost-effective and scalable manner.
  • Automated Task Management: Zealy replaces manual processes with automated workflows, allowing companies to efficiently manage and track community tasks, achievements, and rewards.
  • Increased User Participation: Users are incentivized to complete tasks by earning rewards such as special status on Discord servers, digital assets, merchandise, and more. This incentivization encourages active participation and strengthens community bonds.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Zealy provides companies with valuable data on user engagement and behavior, enabling them to identify and reward the most engaged community members. This data-driven approach fosters a thriving and inclusive community ecosystem.

The integration of Zealy into the XDC ecosystem has the potential to significantly enhance community engagement and user participation across various projects and applications. By leveraging Zealy's gamified tasks and rewards system, XDC projects can foster a vibrant and active community that contributes to the growth and success of the ecosystem.


Cost: Offers various plans tailored to accommodate the requirements of different projects.

Link to Partner with Zealy:

Layer3 functions as both a protocol and an interactive guide, presenting carefully curated "Quests" tailored to educate users about different aspects of Web3 technology. These Quests offer a hands-on learning experience, incorporating both on-chain and off-chain activities to deepen users' comprehension of decentralized finance (DeFi), Web3 gaming, social applications, Layer2 scaling solutions, and beyond. Currently boasting 500k users, is instrumental in democratizing Web3 education.

How Do Quests Help Promote Crypto Education?

The Quests on are structured as interactive challenges, ensuring a step-by-step exploration where progression to the next level is contingent on mastering the preceding one. Users accrue experience points (XP) as they complete Quests, with the potential for future rewards, including potential airdrops of a native token.

Value of an Educational Platform in Crypto

In the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency and blockchain landscape, platforms like play a crucial role in making complex concepts accessible and dispelling myths and misconceptions. By empowering users with accurate information, nurtures an informed community capable of making meaningful contributions to the Web3 ecosystem.

Integration of into the XDC ecosystem represents a significant opportunity to enhance crypto education and empower users with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the decentralized web effectively. By leveraging interactive Quests, can transform the learning experience, fostering a more resilient, informed, and vibrant crypto community.

Website: (

Cost: Needs to contact Layer3

Link to Integrate:

In summary, integrating XDC into platforms like Galxe, Layer3, or Zealy offers numerous benefits for our ecosystem. These platforms are invaluable for community engagement, providing tools to deepen connections with users. By integrating XDC, we can leverage their existing user bases, expand our reach, and drive adoption. Additionally, these partnerships facilitate user education about XDC, boosting visibility and credibility in the Web3 community. Overall, integration with these platforms is a strategic step toward strengthening our ecosystem.

Moreover, community input on other potential platforms offering similar benefits would be valuable. Let's work together to explore every avenue for maximizing our impact. Every individual's input is crucial, as all suggestions contribute to our collective success. Your ideas shape the future of XDC, so please share your thoughts in here. Together, we can elevate XDC to new heights.

Discussion (7)

savo123 profile image
Arko Arkonada

I think this is a very good proposition. XDC must open to integration with other chains. This will be an opportunity to acquire new users of the XDC network. I support this proposal in full.

cyber2space profile image
Eric ben

Yes all the way for this opportunity !

seonghyuk_jeon_eb65a44a9a profile image
seonghyuk Jeon

Thank you very much for your sincere proposal.
I am very, very, very much in favor of this proposal.

seanxdc_australia profile image
Sean White

I'm in. Boots and all.

timothy_p_burns profile image
Timothy Burns

I think it's great for expansion and further development of the XDC ecosystem.

eusebius_ballentine_407d7 profile image
Eusebius Ballentine

I support this proposal and the integration of these platforms to further engage our community, thank you!

chris_james_f023b88ed9fb0 profile image
Chris James

This is a great idea so it's a yes from me.