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Arif Kazi
Arif Kazi

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[Proposal]Integration of XDC with Dapplooker and Decentralised No-Code Analytics

XDC Proposal Details:

The proposal is for integrating XDC with DappLooker to empower the XDC community with powerful no-code analytics, and the creation of a decentralized app called XDC Analyzer to display comprehensive and important visualizations, insights, and analytics for the XDC Ecosystem.

DappLooker Details:

DappLooker leads the market in providing seamless no-code web3 analytics solutions. Our platform empowers users with analytics for over 15+ networks, and 350+ Dapps with 300M+ data available for analysis. Notably, we've forged strategic partnerships with industry giants like Polygon, Celo, Moonbeam, Aave, TheGraph, Connext, and Uniswap.

We have partnered with multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, NEAR, Polygon, and Moonbeam, among others, and received funding/grants from multiple networks and Dapps.
Our partners include industry leaders such as Aave, Uniswap, TheGraph, Polygon, Connext, Celo, and Near Ecosystems. We also have successfully integrated IoT and EoT-based Peaq Network and are experts in providing analytics solutions in the Web3 Space.

Relevant Links:

Partner Deck:
Network Integrations:
Browse community-built charts & dashboards:
GitHub Repo:
DappLooker Workshop:

DappLooker Team :

Founded in 2021, DappLooker Team has over 45 years of combined team experience, our team of 12+ skilled individuals, including Blockchain Engineers, Backend Engineers, Front End Engineers, and a Biz Dev team, are experts in providing real-time analytics on smart contracts and subgraphs for blockchain Networks and Dapps.

Integration Architecture Diagram

Image description

Milestone 1:Support XDC Smart Contracts for Analytics & Visualization

Website Integration Development

a.XDC network integration for smart contracts at registration page.

Image description

b.Integrate API to fetch XDC smart contracts to be displayed in autocomplete.

The below features will be available to XDC Dapps and ecosystem users after the integration:

  1. Sync XDC projects: Connect any XDC project by providing a subgraph GraphQL endpoint or by selecting smart contracts from autocomplete.
  2. Browse XDC projects dataset: Explore and browse XDC projects Dapp data in simple and intuitive tabular form.
  3. Write SQL Queries: Write SQL queries using an intuitive visual SQL editor on the XDC project dataset. Users can query, filter, join, and group by on the XDC projects dataset.
  4. Community Analytics: Community analytics can be done on the indexed XDC dataset.
  5. Create, Fork, and Edit Charts: Choose from more than dozens of visualization types to create the best charts. You can create, edit, and fork charts
  6. Create Dashboard: Using the drag and drop feature of dashboard builder, create and fork dashboards. Gather info from multiple sources into a single dashboard.
  7. hare Dashboard: Share dashboards on a URL anywhere you need. Export the charts in popular formats like CSV, XLS and JSON.
  8. Analytics on Multichain Data: Analyze & query multiple XDC projects data and build awesome charts & dashboards. Users can compare and monitor Dapp data of multiple networks at a single place.
  9. Collections / Folders: Use collections to organize your charts/dashboards and to decide who gets to see and edit things. Using collections you can make your charts/dashboards private or public.
  10. Advance Analytics: Do advanced analytics like funnel analysis, user retention analysis to monitor active users activity and take appropriate action.

Indexer Development

  • Implement an indexer to index XDC network data in an easy queryable schema format for analytics.
  • Store indexed data. Storage will depend on the volume and complexity of the data.
  • Implement transformations to Index XDC dApps data in an easily queryable format.
  • Define a data schema that defines the structure and format of the XDC network data being indexed. This schema will ensure consistency and ease of access to the data.
  • Implement the data schema.

1. Price Oracle

Price oracle data(token pricing details) for different networks is available here:
(As part of integration support XDC Ecosystem tokens pricing data)
The pricing data is available for download via CSV, excel, or JSON.


The API SDK empowers developers to seamlessly integrate XDC network data into Dapps, providing them with the essential tools to create innovative and engaging decentralized applications.

Utilizing this SDK, the XDC network and its community can access trending and popular analyses, thus enhancing the functionality and user experience of their Dapps.

3. Embedding of charts/dashboards

Charts and dashboards created on the DappLooker platform can be seamlessly embedded into your native environment.

This empowers you to infuse your valuable, data-driven insights, enriching your decision-making processes.

4. Documentation

Document a step-to-step guide to using XDC Ecosystem Analytics on DappLooker.
Publish a guide on DappLooker with supporting images.
Make Community announcements on social media and other channels.

Milestone 2:Creation of XDC Network dApp to be hosted on :

Dapp Development

  • Create as a complete ecosystem overview Dapp.
  • Design a great (XDC-themed) UI for the analytics Dapp.
  • Create 4 detailed interfaces for monitoring XDC Ecosystem, namely: Network Health Monitor, Network Performance Monitor, Token Analysis Monitor and Security & Compliance Monitor (details below)
  • Embed the 4 XDC Ecosystem Monitors on for the community, powered by Dapplooker.
  • For Reference NFTX Monitor Dapp: (
  • Launch

1. Network Health Monitor:

  • Best Block: The current best block number on the XinFin network.
  • Avg Transaction Rate: The transaction rate of the last block.
  • Avg Block Time: The average time it takes to mine a block.
  • Active Nodes: The number of active nodes out of the total nodes.
  • Gas Price: The current gas price in Wei.
  • Max Block Size: The maximum block size in gas.
  • Uptime: Total network uptime.
  • Block Time: Real-time monitoring of block generation.
  • Transactions Per Block: Number of transactions in the latest block.
  • Block Size (in Wei): Size of the latest block in Wei.
  • Block Propagation: Metrics related to block propagation.

2. XDC Network Performance Monitor

This dashboard would track the performance of the XDC blockchain, including metrics such as:

  • Transaction throughput
  • Transaction fees
  • Block time
  • Network uptime
  • Validator count
  • Node count
  • Node Status
  • Smart Contract Activity

This dashboard would be useful for XDC to monitor the health of its blockchain and ensure that it is performing as expected. It would also be useful for developers to assess the performance of the blockchain before deploying their applications.

(For reference MoonBeam Network dashboards:

3. XDC Token Analysis Monitor

Integrate and Index data of XDC Token and implement a detailed monitor for XDC Token Analytics and Key Metrics.

The goal is to provide insights into XDC Token, allowing the community and users to track the adoption and key metrics of the Token.

Metrics - Displays key metrics such as

  • Total number of transactions
  • Wallet addresses
  • Transaction volume
  • Price over Time
  • Market Cap over time
  • Token Holders
  • Other key metrics related to XDC Token

(For Reference xDai Dashboard:

4. XDC Security and Compliance Monitor

This would give an overview of the security by giving insights about the following metrics

  • Security Events: Logs and alerts for potential security breaches.
  • Compliance Status: Monitors KYC compliance for masternodes.
  • Node Health: Displays the status of nodes to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Interoperability Status: Indicates the level of compatibility with other networks.

Infrastructure upgrade:

Upgrade and optimize infrastructure to support the successful integration of The XDC Network and Ecosystem with DappLooker. This will make sure the perfect scalable infrastructure is in place before integration.

APIs/Node Integration

  • Integrate APIs to fetch XDC network data for ecosystem analytics. This involves setting up a system to gather data from various sources on the XDC network for integration.
  • Collection of network data for the indexer. This involves collecting and cleaning the following data for the integration :
  • XDC Network Transactions
  • Metaverse Data
  • Validator Data
  • Co-Marketing & Operations

Co-market Dapp with the help of the XDC team and Foundation.


  • Display Dapp on Ecosystem Website under the analytics section.
  • Twitter, Blog, and Email Campaign
  • Twitter Space and Discord Workshop
  • Popular and trending dashboards by users can also be embedded on
  • Access to workshops for the XDC Community by holding online events
  • DappLooker is an official partner to MetricsDAO and supports upcoming analysts and data enthusiasts, DappLooker will organize bounties upto $2000 for the XDC community to create insightful dashboards and feature winning dashboards on the XDC analyzer.

Grant Requested

XDC integration
Requested Grant Amount: $20000
The grant amount will cover development and infrastructure costs.

Breakdown of Grant costs:

  1. Integration and Indexing XDC Network with DappLooker and Community Analytics

To deliver a seamless user experience, we need to integrate into registration pages and ensure effortless access to smart contract functionalities. This investment will foster greater user adoption and engagement, driving the XDC ecosystem's growth.

Funding ask for this milestone: $9000

2. Dapp Development:

Funding ask for this milestone: $7000

3. Infrastructure Upgrade and Co-marketing:

As the project scales, an upgraded infrastructure is vital to handle increasing data demands and ensure uninterrupted service. This allocation will bolster the project's stability and support its expansion, catering to a growing community of users.

Funding ask for this milestone: $4000

Prior Grants & Ecosystem Partners

We have worked with various DAOs/Networks/Projects to deliver high-quality analytics tools, below is the list of a few of our grant partners:

DappLooker <> Polygon Dapp Store Kit Announcement

DappLooker <> Aave V3 Grant Announcement

DappLooker <> Moonbeam Partnership Announcement

DappLooker <> NEAR Protocol Partnership Announcement

DappLooker <> BNB Chain Partnership Announcement

DappLooker <> PEAQ Integration Announcement

DappLooker <> Flipside Partnership Announcement

DappLooker <> NFTX Partnership Announcement

DappLooker <> MatricsDao Partnership Announcement

Prazenti Grant Announcement:

Discussion (8)

mrblockchain22 profile image
Salomon Morales

Thank you for the proposal and the breakdown of it. Are there any additional costs (monthly/yearly) after the 20K integration? What benefits have other chains seen after integration with your dapp? Besides being able to display data with a multitude of graphs, what are the benefits? This integration for 20K is great and the breakdown is good but the milestones do not have a timeline for execution. Will this integration take a 4-6 weeks or a year? Thank you in advance for your response.

technerd profile image
Abhinav kumar singh

Question: Are there any additional costs (monthly/yearly) after the 20K integration?

Answer: No, there will be no additional costs.

Question: What benefits have other chains experienced after integrating with your Dapp?

Answer: After integrating with DappLooker, chains/Network have realized significant benefits, including:

Cost Savings: Integrating with DappLooker has resulted in reported cost savings of up to 60%.

Enhanced Community Analytics: Users have reported a 30X improvement in community analytics.

Faster Analytics: Analytics processes are now 5X faster.

Time Savings: Users have saved up to 80% of their time.

Data Enrichment: Data refinement has improved by 50X.

Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced Data Visibility: Networks integrated with DappLooker have seen substantial improvements in data transparency. Users can easily access and analyze on-chain data, fostering greater trust and a deeper understanding of network activities.

  • Improved Network Performance: Integration with DappLooker has enabled blockchain networks to actively monitor and enhance their performance. This has resulted in faster transaction processing, reduced congestion, and an overall increase in network reliability.

  • Market Insights: Chains integrated with DappLooker have gained valuable real-time market insights, empowering users to make well-informed decisions in the cryptocurrency space.

  • Community Engagement: Our visualization capabilities have made intricate blockchain data more accessible, engaging, and educational for community members. This has led to a heightened comprehension of blockchain technology and increased user engagement.

  • Community Analytics: Community analytics can be effortlessly conducted using DappLooker's no-code tool with on-chain datasets.

Question: What is the estimated timeline for this integration, 4-6 weeks or a year?

Answer: The complete integration, including all milestones, is expected to take approximately 6 weeks.

sean_w profile image
Sean White • Edited on

This seems like a well thought out funding breakdown. While I am not a "back-end" guy, the SDK tool kit alone seems like a great addition. And we are expecting migrations, so the metrics functionality will keep prospective projects apprecaiting the analytics that XDC prides itself on. Both Milestones, 1 & 2, look very promising and value adding.

technerd profile image
Abhinav kumar singh

Thank you @sean_w .

duts profile image

Dear Arif,

I hope this message finds you well. As a member of the DaoFin jury, I am writing to inform you about the status of your recent grant proposal to develop on the XDC Network.

First and foremost, we want to express our deepest appreciation for your interest and your willingness to contribute to the XDC ecosystem. The vision and effort you have put into your proposal is a testament to the innovative spirit that drives our community. Your participation is vital in shaping the future of the XDC Network, and for that, we are truly grateful.

We recognize the time, thought, and effort that goes into preparing a grant proposal, and it is with a sense of responsibility that we undertake the review process. After thorough consideration and a highly competitive evaluation, we regret to inform you that your proposal has not been selected for funding in this cycle.

The decision-making process was particularly challenging due to the sheer number of high-quality submissions we received. We are fortunate to have a community brimming with talented individuals and teams, all eager to contribute to the XDC Network. However, this also means that only a limited number of projects can be funded at a time. Please know that this decision does not diminish the value of your project or your capabilities.

We encourage you to view this not as a setback, but as an opportunity for growth and refinement. We would be pleased to consider your project in future funding cycles, and we hope you will not be discouraged from reapplying.

Your dedication to building on the XDC Network is appreciated, and we believe in your project’s potential. We invite you to stay engaged with the community, participate in discussions on, and continue to follow the developments from DaoFin.

Thank you once again for your proposal and for your commitment to advancing the XDC ecosystem. We look forward to possibly collaborating with you in the future and witnessing the continued growth of your project.

Warm regards,
The Jury

rupps_blocksscan profile image
Rupali Mestry

Hello @arifkazi_

We greatly appreciate your submission of the proposal on Xdc.Dev. Your proposal has been received with high regard.

technerd profile image
Abhinav kumar singh

@rupps_blocksscan Thank you.

technerd profile image
Abhinav kumar singh

@mrblockchain22 @sean_w What will be the next steps from here?