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Ansh ojha
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[HackVerse] E-Kiraya (Decentralized Rent Dapp)

Project Name : E-Kiraya (Decentralized Rent Dapp)
Tag Line : Redefining Renting Wallet
Problem It Solves : It solves the problem of people who scams in the renting purposes like tempering the agreements or increasing the rent or some bills without knowing to the tenents who are staying in the room also it solves the problem for the land distribution also which could be added later on our website.
Challenges We Ran Into : We were getting error with connecting wallet components in replit.
we have faced issues in installation part of the rainbow kit and ether.js. we face problem in React Router Dom
Tech Stack :
Solidity:Smart contract
Truffle/Ganche Environment:Deploying the smart contract
Metamask :Wallet for transactions
TXDC:XDC Test network
Ether.js:Interaction With Ethereum blockchain development
React.js:To enable an seamless UX and UI
Node Js , Remix IDE , Replit , VS Code.
GitHub Link:
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  1. Ansh Ojha
  2. Rounak Raj Singh
  3. Prnav Bhatnagar
  4. Arnav Kaushik

XDC Wallet Address : 0xaC5606Bdd7E0B08d09E9797148e6E7c27893B54b

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