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Discussion on: [Closed]Incredibly buggy web wallet, are my funds lost?

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So I put in my wallet information using the beta wallet, but now I'm still stuck at the part where I should choose the HD derivation path, but all accounts shown are empty. I only have the XDC wallet address, not the ETH address. I feel like the ETH address might be equally important in terms of accessing the funds at all. Is that right?

I also tried if I used another network. Clicking on Apothem leads to an error ("connection not open on send()" ), XDC Network shows ETH addresses and clicking on Ethereum results in another error ("could not detect network (event="noNetwork", code=NETWORK_ERROR, version=providers/5.7.2)" )

My assumption is that my problem cannot be fixed because I've been incredibly stupid, and that there is nothing I can do. Am I missing something?

EDIT: Now I noticed that the wallet is built by MyEtherWallet. That confirms to me that I just didn't pay attention by not writing down the Ethereum wallet address.

EDIT 2: I noticed that people pointed out they need to "scroll endlessly" to get to the right wallet address. The only network option that gives me wallet options is XDC Network, but after clicking until the batch with wallet 80, I did not get my wallet address. I assumed that it would find the right wallet sort of automatically or that searching for a specific address is possible. Also, the addresses that are shown are still Ethereum, so I don't fully understand what is going on anymore. I purposefully clicked on XDC Network, but I'm unable to find an XDC wallet address in the UI.

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Hey @anonymous

XDC network is EVM compatible, so it works well with both 'XDC' and '0x' prefixes. Make sure that you are entering correct password, without entering correct password for your Mnemonic/Seed phrase, you will not be able to access the same address.

Also, I would recommend you to do not modify the HD derivation path keep it as is. Take a moment to revisit the images in the article for better understanding.

Feel free to ask if you need more assistance!