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Top 5 Popular Tokens


In this post, we will tell you about 5 popular tokens that will soon appear on our project

Let's start

The first token is ECOIN (ECOIN)

Its price is $ 0.000195
Total holders 142,209
Market Cap $ 89,929,683.6361576
Transfer 356,944


The second token is Plugin (PLI)

Its price is $ 0.054812
Total holders 10,740
Market Cap $ 3,342,443.1436383
Transfer 85,498

Plugin (PLI)

The third token is Globiance Exchange Token (GBEX)

Its price is $ 0.0000001
Total holders 10,451
Market Cap $ 22,788,331.373942
Transfer 74,716

Globiance Exchange Token (GBEX)

The fourth token is STORX (SRX)

Its price is $ 0.0165266
Total holders 9,647
Market Cap $ 5,140,566.7409845
Transfer 201,964


The fifth token is XSP Token (XSP)

Its price is $ 0.0005801
Total holders 4,169
Market Cap $ 1,390,812.8734503
Transfer 101,704

XSP Token (XSP)


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Call me ShiShem

Thanks, would be excellent if you could add launch date of each.