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Web3.0 is just about having powerful APIs

From IBM to Microsoft, From JPMorgan to Citi and from Instagram/Meta to tiktok, all businesses have eventually evolved to become a powerful infrastructure that can connect to content and data across billions of people and in wide geographies. Retail applications have more consumer facing UIs and direct engagement. However B2B applications are purely running at APIs.

The devs looking to make a successful career and monetisation for their efforts on XinFin XDC Network should focus on building powerful APIs. Web3 APIs can provide never before capabilities to the API world that otherwise isn’t possible for web2 APIs.

E.g. Web3.0 APIs are coming out of a network consensus and multiple ecosystem participants vs Web2 APIs which are coming out of single point of failure systems or centralised entities.

Example of web3 API :

PaymentConfirmation(Sender A, Receiver B) :
A Payment Confirmation in web3 would mean that the payment has in-fact gone through from A to B, publicly. Once you consider certain block confirmations that also means finality.

Example of Web2 API:

PaymentInitiation(Sender A, Receiver B) :
Web2 APIs are coming from one entity, e.g a financial institution which has initiated a payment from party A to B. However a web2.0 API can never confirm that the payment has actually gone through or confirmed on the other side, ie. receiver.

The powerful ability of WEB3.0 APIs provide massive opportunities to developers who want to take up any Web2.0 APIs and transform them into Web3.0 APIs.

Sharing IBM API Connect which intends to provide connectivity with any IBM cloud based web2.0 app with outside world. :

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Very interesting progression in IBM from MQ Series, WebSphere, and to apiconnect to web3.

Conversely, DApps need oracles to get data from outside world for wide array of possibilities to enable new paradigm of decentralized services and monetize.
@go_plugin_1828d53dbeccc88 Plugin oracles is rightly positioned to solve that need.

XDC Network with all its superlative benefits is well positioned to be top platform for this transformation. I think just need a little nudge crypto DEVs (incentivize DEVs to jump to XDC Network).