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Draft: XDC Africa Developer Ecosystem Proposal


XDC since its formation has achieved considerable successes across the globe due to its decentralized nature and great efforts by the team and the community at large. As a network/ecosystem that can boast of one of the best blockchain infrastructure in the trade finance industry and beyond, Africa serves as a fertile ground to expand XDC growth, integration and mainstream adoption of projects built on the XDC network. Considering the geographical diversity of the African Sub-region and the peculiarities of its technological , agriculture, economic and social systems, a very skillful and context based individuals are required to put their heads together in order to put viable strategies on board in an attempt to penetrate into the vast tech market in Africa, with the hope to make XDC ecosystem a household name in the Sub-region. To add value to the ecosystem means the ecosystem should market and sell its underlying values/potentials to everyone, and this is what we seek to help in doing.

This proposal therefore seeks for the approval of a highly skilled and dedicated team put together to champion the activities of the XDC ecosystem across the continent. We believe that assembling a strong team is crucial to achieving our goals and ensuring the success of [XDC Africa Chapter]. But the reality and worthiness of the “XDC Africa Ecosystem Growth Team” rests solely on the approval of the entire community, hence the reason behind the submission of this proposal to seek general community approval and recognition.


The primary objective of this proposal is to outline the key aspects of team formation, including its purpose, composition, roles and responsibilities, and anticipated outcomes. By bringing together individuals with complementary skills and expertise, we aim to enhance collaboration, efficiency, and ultimately achieve outstanding results.

Proposed Team

Based on thorough consideration and analysis, we propose the following structure for our team

Team Purpose

The purpose of this team is primarily to be recognized representatives of the XDC network in Africa, with sole mission to;

  • Develop strategies and plans to Establish a value-driven XDC network community in Africa

  • To organize effective and efficient workshops, events, meetups, summits, hackathons etc… tailored towards the community building process for XDC network in Africa

  • Scout and on board new projects to build on the XDC network blockchain

  • Train and mentor upcoming developers to utilize the XDC network developer resources in their developing career

  • Engage with state actors in various countries to explore possible opportunities on using XDC blockchain to develop solutions to sector problems in these countries using indigenous developers

Team Composition

Based on careful analysis, we have identified the roles and expertise required for the team's success as follows

  1. Team Leader

Confidence Nyirenda: a very popular figure in the African Crypto community, and an established personality identified with the XDC network community, who over the years have served as the African ecosystem lead for XDC network.


Confidence is seen as an experienced and capable team leader who will oversee operations, foster collaboration, and drive the team towards achieving its objectives.

  1. Core Members:

Habib Maltiba: A popular face in the crypto community in Africa based in Ghana, considering his deep experience in marketing, community building, event organizing and promotional skills in the crypto ecosystem. Currently serving as the Co-Founder for DeFi Africa, Maltiba has what it takes to make an impact in this team


Considering the vast experience Maltiba possesses, he will see to the coordination of marketing activities, event organizing and the community building process towards achieving the goal of this team.

Sumaina Braimah: A vibrant and tech entrepreneur in the crypto space in Africa based in Nigeria. Sumaina is at the center of the Crunch network, a company focused on building several products in and outside crypto.


Sumaina with his background, will be the lead in charge of scouting and on boarding new and existing local projects who are willing to migrate or build on the XDC network.

Jaycrypt: Based in Ghana, Jaycrypt is a statistician with experience in banking. He also works on Machine Learning(ML),Artificial Intelligence(AI) as well as content creation. Jaycrypt has keen interest in advancing Blockchain technology within Africa. With the knowledge he possesses, we believe he is going to be very instrumental to the success of this agenda


With his background and level of knowledge in Blockchain, Jaycrypt will help in creating educational and promotional content for the use of the XDC Africa Academy and beyond.

Support Functions:

As a team, we have harboured the idea of assessing the need for additional support functions, such as administrative staff, technical experts, or consultants, to provide necessary assistance and expertise as required.

*Team Development and Training: *

To enhance our personal capacities, we seek to implement a comprehensive plan for team development and training. This may include orientation programs, skills enhancement workshops, or opportunities for professional growth to enhance individual and team performance.

*Communication and Reporting: *

Establishing effective communication channels and regular reporting mechanisms to facilitate efficient information exchange, progress updates, and problem-solving within the team is paramount towards running the team very well.

Anticipated Outcomes:

By establishing this dedicated team, we anticipate the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced collaboration and synergy among team members

  • Achievement of project objectives within specified timelines

  • Optimal utilization of individual skills and expertise

  • Efficient problem-solving and decision-making processes

  • High-quality deliverables that meet or exceed expectations


The main objective of this team is to build an African XDC community of builders, users and marketers as well as instructors and learners. In order to achieve the goal and objectives for which this team is formed, we intend to undertake a plethora of marketing, promotional, onboarding as well as advocacy activities across Africa in our effort to see XDC seize a greater portion of dominance in the African Web3/Blockchain market. We believe with a proper implementation plan and support towards these intended activities, the growth of the XDC ecosystem in Africa will be massive in the coming years. Below are the activities we intend to undertake

i. Create and maintain an active XDC Africa Ecosystem community; we don't have the intention to duplicate chat forums, but we saw it very necessary and well focused to create an active community of XDC network actors within Africa who shall form part of the larger XDC global community. By doing this, active social media chat rooms such as Discord and Telegram shall be created to be able to manage this community very well.

ii. Liaise with existing neutral Web3 and Blockchain communities in Africa to "sell the XDC product" to their communities: The team will reach out to other Web3 communities in Africa such as DeFi Africa, Web 3 Africa, Women in Blockchain, Africa Blockchain Institute among others, to market the XDC Blockchain to their members. Through this, we believe both newbies and pro developers can be attracted to take interest in building with the XDC network. Through this collaboration, we believe a chunk of the objectives we set for ourselves will be achieved. These collaborations can be done in the form of hosting AMAs with them, participating in events organised by these communities and running other promotional activities with them.

iii. Form an XDC Universities’ Campus clubs: As part of the activities we intend to undertake is the formulation of an XDC clubs in some selected universities across Africa, particularly in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda and many others. To approach this, we shall be hosting meetups (both in-person and virtual) in these universities to recruit interested students who are developers and marketers and are interested to join the XDC network into organised campus clubs with specific tasks led by recognized XDC Africa selected ambassadors. With this approach, we believe we shall be able to scout out the best talents and ideas that can help the growth of the African Web3 ecosystem through the XDC network.

iv. Institute an XDC Africa Annual Conference: one of the ways to measure an industry popularity, importance and interest level is through the organisation of conferences. With conferences, we stand to gain more active users, builders and marketers across the globe, as like minded individuals and enthusiasts will gather at one place. Therefore, at the heart of our mega plan is to institute the "Annual XDC Africa Conference" across major cities in Africa. This conferences shall draw people across the continent and beyond to come to a common platform to discuss, innovate and implement ideas related to the progress of XDC in general.

v. Organisation of Hackathons across Africa; As part of the product and utility building process, we intend to undertake several and an all inclusive Hackathons across major tech dominated cities and Universities in Africa. This is to help us employ the necessary tools to gather best talents and realistic/implementable Web3/Blockchain base ideas across Africa into XDC network. Considering the Hackathons, we have plans to make them very attractive to both existing and upcoming developers to enable them come out with the best ideas and products. The main aim of each of the Hackathons, is to at least identify 2 or 3 workable projects from the hackers and help them pursue and build it into world class projects that can solve real life problems in Africa and beyond, on XDC network.

vi. Link up with existing project builders to consider launching their products on the XDC Network; Part of our job aside organising Hackathons to get developers to build and Develop projects and products on the XDC network, we would also reach out to existing Web3/Blockchain base enterprises who are already building, to introduce XDC network to them, in order to onboard them to deploy their projects on the XDC network.

vii. Form an XDC Africa Academy to provide a platform and resources for those who want to learn and build on XDC network; due to the geographical peculiarity and diverse nature of learners across the globe, we intend to establish an XDC Africa Academy which shall serve as a hub for Blockchain and Web3 learning for interested people. However, we shall leverage on learning resources provided by the XDC network, because at the end of the day, our aim is to make them users of the XDC ecosystem products, services and resources to advance their journey in the space.


We intend to approach alm the ideas and plans expressed above in a gradual manner in order to achieve value for purpose. There is a bigger master plan we are developing as a team which shall serve as a manual for our operations, pending the adoption of this proposed project by the entire XDC community.

If this proposal aligns with the vision and goal of the XDC community, we encourage the entire XDC network/community members to do us the honor by making sure this proposal gets the adequate votes to pass through for approval.
Thank you

Discussion (4)

sean_ profile image

Hey Confidence,

Great to see, yet another ecosystem development proposal focused on Africa this time. Though the proposal outlines the activities that your team will be engaging in to educate the communities in Africa about Blockchain and web3development majorly focused on XDC network, The numbers are missing in the proposal.

africoiner profile image
Confidence Nyirenda Author • Edited on

Hi Mohit, I understand, our first thoughts was getting support from the community if this was a good idea. But we can run the numbers and share. Will sit down with the team and add basic numbers for running day to day operations to the proposal. Thanks for the insight.

maltiba profile image

Hey Muhit, do you mind expanding further on the numbers you think are needed to make the proposal looks better?

maltiba profile image

The main agenda of this proposal is first of all seeking for approval to establish the XDC Africa Ecosystem growth team. Once this is given the green light with required number of votes, the team will then hit the ground running by implementing the broad plan in badges