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Weekly Update

Dear All Community Members
Currently we have finished xsswap and supporting globiance by building sdk. In addition, we are trying to add XinFin and Apothem in metamask. Below are what we have done this week.Feel free to comment.

1 Hummingbot
Swith to xsswap from xdcswap:
Create globiance-sdk v1.0.0-beta:
Support globiance exchange on xinfin chain execpt WXDC token: symbol conflict with another WXDC token
Refactor documents:
1.2 MetaMask
Read documents
Setup development environment
2) Doing
2.1 MetaMask
Add xinfin and apothem as build-in network
2.2 Hummingbot
handle symbol conflict of WXDC: add 0x8A3cc832Bb6B255622E92dc9d4611F2A94d200DA to token list as WXDC2, pro100skm/xdc-token-list#3
3) Plan
3.1 MetaMask
Add xinfin and apothem as build-in network
Support xdc-prefix address
3.2 Hummingbot
Support globiance exchange: waiting for new contracts of testnet
Submit PR to hummingbot

Discussion (2)

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thanks xu. why the switch xsswap from xdcswap?

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xu zhaolin Author

requests from the xsswap team