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XDC Web3 Domains
XDC Web3 Domains

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.xdc domains releases SDK libraries for projects that need to integrate .xdc into their wallets and dapps.

We are XDC Web3 Domain (.xdc). We are happy to partner with projects (wallets, dapps) on XDCNetwork to integrate .xdc into their projects.

For dApp: When you use DApps integrated with .xdc domains, your .xdc account will be visible anywhere on DApps instead of a long wallet address.

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For Wallet: When the wallet integrates .xdc instead of a long wallet address. Then sending and receiving tokens/NFTs is really as simple as just pasting the .xdc domain. It's more secure, avoid confusion and really stress free from having to check long wallet addresses.

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We now have NPMJS and RestfulAPI available for integration, see details below:



Restful API:

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this post


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