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[Proposal] Proposal - An ERP System MVP on XDC with a Focus on Soulbound and Non-Soulbound Tokens

This proposal outlines the development of a modular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, akin to a Lego set, where each module represents a distinct function within a larger, cohesive system. The cornerstone of this proposal is the integration of Soulbound and Non-Soulbound Tokens on the XinFin Digital Contract (XDC) network, revolutionizing supply chain management through blockchain technology.

Soulbound and Non-Soulbound Tokens:
Our system will leverage the unique capabilities of both Soulbound tokens (non-transferable and tied to specific assets or identities) and Non-Soulbound tokens (transferable). Soulbound tokens will be utilized for tracking capital expenditures, essential documents, and certifications, ensuring immutability and accountability. Non-Soulbound tokens, on the other hand, will be employed for monitoring assets like containers that frequently change ownership, offering flexibility and efficiency in asset management.

Executive Summary:
Women in Blockchain Canada (WIBC) proposes to develop a cutting-edge ERP interface that seamlessly integrates Soulbound and Non-Soulbound Tokens within the supply chain sector on the XDC network. This initiative aims to significantly enhance the supply chain's operational efficiency, transparency, and trust by strategically employing blockchain tokens.

Project Rationale:
The supply chain industry stands on the brink of a transformative era with blockchain technology. The dual application of Soulbound Tokens (SBTs) and Non-Soulbound Tokens addresses multiple facets of supply chain management, from immutable tracking of goods and credentials to dynamic asset tokenization and incentivization.

Project Objectives:
ERP Interface Development: Constructing a robust ERP interface on the XDC network, employing SBTs for identity verification, compliance, and provenance, alongside Non-Soulbound Tokens for asset tokenization and transaction facilitation.

Enhanced Adoption: Promoting the widespread adoption of tokenized processes in supply chains, thereby augmenting efficiency and transparency.

Educational Outreach: Educating supply chain stakeholders about the advantages and functionalities of SBTs and Non-Soulbound Tokens in their operations.

Project Deliverables:
Tokenized ERP System: A prototype ERP system that integrates SBTs and Non-Soulbound Tokens, tailored for various supply chain functions.

Educational Materials: Comprehensive resources, including guides and tutorials, to demonstrate the practical application of tokens in supply chains.

Main Website:

Our Work in Education Platforms:
WIBC has been working on education within blockchain since 2018 with Canadian business accelerators and layer 1 protocols (Solana, Polkadot etc.). We have began working with SydTek DAO and Kovach Technologies on a soulbound token learning platform on Stellar and completed our own mobile application for education for the Internet Computer Protocol.

Internet Computer Protocol SDK

Referred by: Aneri Merchant

Our Team:

Justyna Osowska
Justyna Osowska, the Founder of Women in Blockchain Canada, is a prominent figure in the crypto community, having been actively involved since 2018. She holds a degree in International Business from the University of Ottawa and a Masters Certificate in Business Analysis. With over 12 years of experience in IT, specifically in data production and dissemination with the Canadian Government, Justyna has a rich background in technology. She is also an experienced lecturer, having spoken on blockchain topics at numerous universities across North America and Europe. Justyna is passionate about promoting inclusivity in blockchain and Web3 spaces, and she is multilingual, speaking English, French, Spanish, and Polish.

Daniel Kovach
Daniel Kovach is an accomplished academic with a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the Florida Institute of Technology, along with two Bachelor of Science degrees in Math and Physics. His career began as a NASA Analyst and he later worked as a Machine Learning Specialist at Raytheon. Daniel has contributed to various R&D projects and has consulted for companies like LiveTV and Palo Alto Networks. He is recognized for his work in Non-Archimedean Number Theory, Machine Learning, and Cyber Security, and is known for his 'Computational Theory of Intelligence'. Currently, he is a Senior Data Scientist at Citibank, focusing on high-impact data solutions. Daniel's extensive work in AI and his contributions can be explored through his GitHub profiles.

Dr. Justin Goldston
Dr. Justin Goldston is a Partner within the Supply Chain Practice at Environmental Resources Group (ERM), the world's largest pure-play sustainability consultancy. Goldston is also a faculty member at Georgetown University within the Graduate Supply Chain program, where his research is focused on blending the practices of supply chain management, emerging technologies, and sustainability to create positive global change. Previously, Dr. Goldston was a research facility affiliate for the Center for the Business of Sustainability at the Smeal College of Business at Penn State, as well as an active contributing faculty member to The Sustainability Institute at Penn State. Outside of the institution, Goldston is an Executive on the International Supply Chain Education Alliance's (ISCEA’s) International Standards Board (IISB) and is the author of the forthcoming book AI for Good: Achieving Sustainability Through Citizen Science and Organizational Citizenship. A five-time TEDx speaker, Dr. Goldston is a respected voice in the blockchain community. His academic contributions, particularly in the form of journal articles, further underscore his expertise in this field.

Please see some of his journal articles below.


Victoria De La Ronde
Victoria De La Ronde is a lawyer with a comprehensive background in psychology, economics, and international business development. With over 30 years of experience in both federal government and private industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge in policy development, feasibility analysis, and research. Her expertise extends to understanding stakeholder networks, sector-based structural awareness, and cultural diversity, making her a valuable asset to the team.

Community Presence

WIBC boasts a robust online presence, engaging over 45,000 followers and generating more than 250,000 monthly interactions across platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


Milestone 1: Initial Development Phase (First 30-Day Sprint)
Framework Development:

Develop the initial framework for the ERP application, focusing on modular design to ensure flexibility and scalability.

Establish the foundational back-end architecture using solidity, optimizing for performance and security within the XDC network environment.

Module Development:

Create the first set of functional modules, each addressing a key aspect of the ERP system (e.g., asset tracking).

Develop a standardized module template to streamline the creation of additional modules in the future, ensuring consistency and ease of integration.

Front-End Design:

Design and implement the initial front-end interface in TypeScript, prioritizing user experience and intuitive navigation.
Ensure the interface is responsive and accessible, catering to a diverse range of users within the supply chain sector.

Initial MVP Deployment:

Deploy the initial Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on the XDC

This deployment will focus on testing core functionalities and gathering initial user feedback for refinement.

Milestone 2: Finalization and Launch Phase - Final 30-Day Sprint
System Finalization and Testing:
Conduct comprehensive bug testing and system optimization to ensure robustness and reliability.

Deploy the final Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on the XDC

Project Category
Blockchain Integration in Supply Chain Management

Benefits to the XDC Community:

Operational Efficiency: Streamlining supply chain operations through tokenized processes.

Transparency and Trust: Enhancing the traceability of goods and authenticity of transactions.

Innovation Promotion: Demonstrating the XDC network's versatility in managing complex supply chain operations.

Budget and Project Roadmap:
Milestone 1: USD $25,000 for the development of the tokenized ERP system framework.
Milestone 2: USD $10,000 for educational outreach, system testing, and final adjustments.
Total Budget: USD $35,000


The sustainability of the ERP System MVP is a cornerstone of its long-term success and impact in the supply chain industry. Women in Blockchain Canada (WIBC) is dedicated to ensuring that this project not only achieves its immediate objectives but also fosters enduring benefits and adaptability within the industry. Our approach is multi-dimensional including forming partnerships with supply chain entities to enhance the ERP system's relevance and functionality. Further, we want to engage with supply chain professionals to tailor the ERP system to industry-specific needs.

WIBC, a registered not-for-profit organization in Canada, is fully eligible to receive funding upon proposal acceptance.

Community Attraction Plans

Hosting interactive webinars and workshops on the application of SBTs and Non-Soulbound Tokens in supply chains.

Regularly updating the community through newsletters and active social media engagement.
Offering specialized certifications for professionals adept at implementing the tokenized ERP system in their operations.

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Daniel Kovach

I love the applications of digital inheritance! Vote = YES!

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me mishpaha

I like the direction the project is going, one of the first reasons I joined xinfin and XDC right thinking within a global system

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Justyna Osowska Author

me too!

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Welcome to the XDC community. Looking forward to see it live on the network

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Justyna Osowska Author

thank you!

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Dear Justyna,

I hope this message finds you well. As a member of the DaoFin jury, I am writing to inform you about the status of your recent grant proposal to develop on the XDC Network.

First and foremost, we want to express our deepest appreciation for your interest and your willingness to contribute to the XDC ecosystem. The vision and effort you have put into your proposal is a testament to the innovative spirit that drives our community. Your participation is vital in shaping the future of the XDC Network, and for that, we are truly grateful.

We recognize the time, thought, and effort that goes into preparing a grant proposal, and it is with a sense of responsibility that we undertake the review process. After thorough consideration and a highly competitive evaluation, we regret to inform you that your proposal has not been selected for funding in this cycle.

The decision-making process was particularly challenging due to the sheer number of high-quality submissions we received. We are fortunate to have a community brimming with talented individuals and teams, all eager to contribute to the XDC Network. However, this also means that only a limited number of projects can be funded at a time. Please know that this decision does not diminish the value of your project or your capabilities.

We encourage you to view this not as a setback, but as an opportunity for growth and refinement. We would be pleased to consider your project in future funding cycles, and we hope you will not be discouraged from reapplying.

Your dedication to building on the XDC Network is appreciated, and we believe in your project’s potential. We invite you to stay engaged with the community, participate in discussions on, and continue to follow the developments from DaoFin.

Thank you once again for your proposal and for your commitment to advancing the XDC ecosystem. We look forward to possibly collaborating with you in the future and witnessing the continued growth of your project.

Warm regards,
The Jury