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Jon McBee
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XDC Voting dApp Preview

XDC Community is working on an on-chain voting platform as mentioned in the proposal for funding. The voting dApp is under active development, and in order to keep cost and dev time at a minimum we have opted to focus on delivering an MVP. Taking the MVP approach has a built in benefit that once the dApp is deployed we can all use it to propose and vote on new features for the dApp.

As an introduction to the voting dApp I have created a short video stepping through a Figma created by the development team. You can see that video here. My goal with this post is to introduce you to the dApp via the video, and then use the comments section for discussion and Q&A.

In the video linked above you will see that we have introduced the notion of a "vote toll", I expect this feature to be a point of discussion with the community. The plan is for the proposal creator to have the ability to set the "vote toll" at between 0 and 1,000,000 XDC. Obviously a higher "vote toll" discourages bad actors from gaming the system (In the future we can introduce the concepts of white and black listing, and I have ideas for how to securely use this tool for masternode owner voting). The "vote toll" XDC will go to a wallet where it will accumulate and be used to fund future work on the voting dApp. The intent is for this to be transparent and act as a way to make the voting dApp self-sustainable.

The last thing I will mention, in the interest of transparency, the creation of the voting dApp MVP is being entirely funded by me (Jon McBee) with my personal funds. My goal was to bootstrap a starting point that could then be further developed using "vote toll" and XDC Community funds at the direction of the community.

I encourage and welcome questions, comments, and concerns in the comments.

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Awesome Job Jon. This has been long due.

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Great!, Looking forward..

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Salomon Morales

This is a good start Jon. Good job!

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Brad Akers

I like it. Well done Jon McBee

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Samuel | Coinstore

Awesome! looking forward for the dApp!