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## Abstract
The app has two main portals, one for hospitals and one for regular users. The hospital portal gives doctors access to patient's health records, which are stored in a private, decentralized system. Each patient has a unique ID with all their details and records. The hospital can update reports after treatment and checkups. The decentralized system allows for medical records to be accessed by hospitals worldwide with permission from the patient. In emergency situations, doctors can scan the patient's face or use their fingerprints to access records. The app also has a system for emergencies where you can scan a victim's face or use their fingerprint to get their information and inform their family or relatives.

## Brief Idea
Our App has two main portals, One is for the hospitals (Where only verified hospitals and doctors can get access) and the next portal is for the Common People. In the hospital portal, The doctors can access the entire health records of the patients which are securely stored in our private decentralized system. Also, each and every patient will get a unique ID that contains all the details and health records of the patients. Also, the hospital can update all the medical reports after the treatment and checkup of the patient. As this system is decentralized the medical records of the patient can be analyzed and accessed by any hospital worldwide with permission from the patient to provide treatments to them. In the case of emergency situations where the doctors cannot get the User ID from the patients, they can just scan the face of the patient or can use the fingerprint of the patient to access his health records with the help of our Machine Learning and Computer Vision Model. As all the records are stored in a Private Decentralized System it will be very secure where no one can access the medical records of any patients.

In the User Portal, Users can add themselves to the app and they can update and maintain their medical records more securely with the help of the decentralized system. To add the medical records, it is not necessary to enter all the details in our systems. With the click of a button, users can add their medical records to the decentralized system with the help of our Computer Vision AI Model which by scanning the medical records it will automatically identify and manage the records intelligently. And by analyzing these medical records our app will automatically schedule the check-up timings, medications timings, and food recommendations in our app which the users should follow to take care of their health.

We also have an emergency system, during any emergency system we can just open our app and select the emergency open and by scanning the victim's face or using their fingerprints we can get the details of the victim who met with the accident and we can easily inform his family/relatives regarding the issue.

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