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Proposal: Sphynx Labs – All-in-one Defi Solution


Decentralized crypto is becoming more and more scattered, with a wide range of blockchains available and a large amount of different dApps with fractionalized utilities available.
The Sphynx Labs platform at unites crypto by integrating all utilities that defi users need on a regular basis, across all available blockchains, in a single all-in-one platform.
Sphynx Labs would like to add XDC Network to the list of currently 17 blockchains which are already supported, providing launchpad, token locker, charts, swap, farming, staking and NFT staking in our handy and user friendly cross-chain defi hub as well as our mobile application – Sphynx Defi App, available on Android and iOS.

Ecosystem benefits

  • An all-in-one solution offering a single platform for all core utilities
  • A large base of existing platform users that will explore XDC Network
  • An easy environment for XDC users to funnel their existing funds into XDC Network, with access from all the main chains
  • A handy mobile application where users can check their balance wherever they go and trade on XDC in just a few clicks

About Sphynx Labs

  • Founded mid 2020, initially focused on BSC and gradually expanding to other chains.
  • Dedicated team including 15+ developers
  • A large and devoted community
  • Tailored solutions for projects to ensure the best support and benefits


  • 15,000 token holders across 5 blockchains
  • 125,000 monthly dApp users
  • 30,000+ Mobile App downloads
  • 46,000+ Twitter followers (
  • 13,500+ Telegram members (


Sphynx Labs currently supports 17 blockchains, including some of the largest chains in the space (Ethereum, Binance, Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, OKX Network, Cronos). Adding support for XDC Network (XDC Mainnet, EVM Chain ID 50) would involve the following:

  • Charts: price tracking of all tokens trading on XDC Network, with advanced analytics tool and visualized personal trading history, facilitating technical analysis and personalized trading experiences
  • DEX/Swap: Aggregate all available liquidity providers on XDC Network into a single trading interface, allowing any token to be traded regardless of where the liquidity is stored.
  • Staking and farming: Projects on XDC Network can open a staking or yield farming pool, to distribute rewards to early investors, long time holders or liquidity providers.
  • NFT staking: Sphynx Labs advocates NFTs with utility. NFT staking pools allow project owners to reward NFT holders in a controlled way.
  • Launchpad: Any developer on XDC Network can use the Sphynx Pad to organize a presale to do fund raising / IDO. Upon successful completion of the presale, the launchpad automatically allocates a predefined fraction of the proceeds to liquidity and locks the liquidity in the token lockers. Contributors can collect their tokens in a fully decentralized way.
  • Token locker: The token locker will automatically lock the liquidity generated with each IDO for a minimum of three months. Anyone can use the locker to lock tokens or liquidity on XDC Network for a period of their choosing.

These utilities will be available on web dApp, as well as on the mobile application, available on Google Play ( or App Store (
In addition to the aforementioned features, the Mobile App also includes the following features:

  • Integrated Web3 wallet: Create a new wallet or import an existing wallet, and secure your access with biometrics scan and/or pin code and benefit from all of the aforementioned functionalities. Multiple wallets can easily be imported within the application.
  • Fiat on-ramp: Multiple suppliers to allow purchase of crypto directly using your credit card or SEPA bank transfer in multiple different currencies
  • Crypto VISA Card: With the upcoming roll out of the Sphynx Pay VISA Card, it will be possible to spend crypto in over 100 countries, available through the mobile application.

    Deployment Milestones

  • Milestone 1: Deployment of charts, swap, staking, farming and NFT staking – 2 weeks from start

  • Milestone 2: Deployment of launchpad and token locker – 4 weeks from start

  • Milestone 3: Sphynx Defi App integration - 6-8 weeks from start

    Grant Request

    We request a grant of $33,750 from the XDC foundation to cover the development and deployment costs for integrating XDC Network into the Sphynx Labs wed dApp and mobile application, according to below breakdown.

  • Milestone 1 – 160 hours: $12,000

  • Milestone 2 – 130 hours: $9,750

  • Milestone 3 – 160 hours: $12,000

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  • Telegram: @th0m65

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