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XDC DeFi Hackathon : Dev offering experience

Hey guys!

My name is Zachary, I'm a Canadian FullStack Developer enrolled in XDC's DeFi Hackathon. I'm totally new to the XDC space and am having fun learning about XDC and building on the XDC network.

I'm working solo for the competition but have a lot of experience with React applications and creating Full Stack apps so if anyone has any questions or needs help debugging something feel free to reach out. I may not know the answer but we can figure it out together lol.

Good luck to everyone in the competition, looking forward to seeing what everyones building!

Regards, Zach.

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It's a pleasure to welcome you to the XDC community and great to hear you're building for the hackathon. Best of luck.

If you want to interact with like minded developers, you can check out the Discord server.

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TechTalkZach Author

Will do!
Thanks Jonathan.

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Gobinathan Ramalingam

It is super and fantastic