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GDCE DeFi Hackathon Winners!


πŸš€ The GDCE DeFi hackathon was a huge success! πŸŽ‰ A wide variety of projects were submitted for consideration, and the winners of the hackathon are listed at the end of this article. The XDC GDCE (Governance Developer Community Europe) organized the DeFi hackathon in cooperation with Devpost and Partnership with Globiance.
We offered the participants to apply for the Globiance launchpad.
A lot of projects took the chance and applied!
The Hackathon had a great turnout and received over 65+ submissions. From over 500+ Participants just for the XDC Network! _
The focus of the hackathon was to expand projects and teams building on XDC and provide more exposure to professionals outside of XDC Network.
From October 11, 2022 until – December 19, 2022.

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Dex(Decentralized Exchange): Build your dream DeFi application. Add staking/farming options.
Optionally check and use as DeFi base and add your code to the contracts.
Bonus points for Stablecoin integration or using new created stablecoin (DAI type).

DeFi - Stablecoin backed by XDC: Build a Stablecoin backed by XDC(DAI type stablecoin) and utilize the potential of the XDC Network.

Ported dApps: dApps that are ported for any of the above categories or disruptive, new dApps ported from other chains benefitting XDC network utility.
Note: All dApps must be deployed on the XDC Network Mainnet.


At GDCE, we recognize the importance of reaching beyond our current network and collaborating with individuals and projects outside of the XDC Ecosystem.
This will only increase our exposure and also drive growth and sustainability in the long run.

We are honored to have a distinguished group of hackathon judges who bring a vast amount of expertise and valuable insights to the evaluation process.
These judges have selflessly donated their time and effort to assess the projects and offer new possibilities to teams working on the XDC Network.

Their contribution is invaluable and we believe it will greatly impact the success of our mission.
On behalf of the entire GDCE team, we extend our sincere appreciation to these exceptional judges for their unwavering support.

  1. Can Inac : XDC _GDCE_ Director
  2. Amine Echtati : Founder Elit web3 Solutions
  3. Prakhar Srivastav : Senior Software Engineer at Google
  4. AB Rehman: Co-Founder & CTO at Better Logics, DEX Expert

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πŸš€ The winners of the hackathon are as follows:

DeFi - Stablecoin backed by XDC:
1st Place: XSyn Protocol - Synthetic Assets Issuance/Trading Protocol πŸ†
2nd Place: xDAI Stablecoin πŸ₯ˆ

Ported dApp:
1st Place: Nomis <> XDC πŸ†
2nd Place: BlockFreight - XDC Blockchain parcel tracking πŸ₯ˆ

Dex (Decentralized Exchange):
1st Place: GreenDEX πŸ†
2nd Place: XDC-Fi πŸ₯ˆ

Globiance Launchpad:
TheBlockchain.Land πŸŽ‡

Honorable Mention:
NEFTME – From people to people. πŸ…
AtomX πŸ…
XRC-Swap πŸ…
XDCSwap πŸ…
Cupcake DEX πŸ…
Atomizer πŸ…
Watermonitor πŸ…
Soul πŸ…
XDCFlow πŸ…

Categories and Bounties:

πŸ† Prizes ($59,250 USD Total): πŸ†
Prizes and awards to be distributed after winner verification based on the highest combined rating of judges.

Dex (Decentralized Exchange)
✨ $22,500 in total in XDC ✨

DeFi - Stablecoin backed by XDC
✨$14,000 in total in XDC ✨

Ported dApp
✨ $10,000 in total XDC ✨

Honorable Mention (11)
✨$11,000 in total in XDC✨

Developer Forum MVP
✨$1,750 in XDC✨

Globiance Launchpad
✨ $2,000 in XDC ✨
Requires you to identify interest and intent for the Globiance Launchpad in your submission

Project Gallery:

GDCE DeFi Hackathon Project Gallery

The prize pool for the hackathon was $59,250 in cryptocurrency, with the first place winners in each category receiving the largest share of the prize.
It was truly inspiring to see the innovation and creativity that the participating teams brought to the table, and we look forward to seeing their projects continue to evolve and grow in the future.
The XDC Network Governance Developer Community Europe DeFi Hackathon had a great turnout and received over 65+ submissions. From over 500+ Participants! Submissions were evaluated for minimum requirements and the project pool was reduced to 44 for official judging.

πŸš€ Now let's take a closer look at the winning projects:

XSyn Protocol: XSyn Protocol is a crypto-backed synthetic asset platform built on XDC Network. It is a multi-token system, powered by XDC and PLI. XDC/PLI holders can stake XDC or PLI to mint XDUSD(crypto-backed stablecoin).
Minted XDUSD tokens can be swapped against an ever-growing list of Synthetix Assets/commodities via Smart Contract. Currently, the protocol is deployed in Apothem and can be taken soon to MAINNET. Prices are committed on the chain by a trusted oracle provided by Plugin(@Goplugin).

Nomis <> XDC: Nomis is an open-source protocol that helps developers build better DeFi solutions and experiences. Every lending/borrowing platform will be able to provide its end-users with extremely customized initial lending terms for borrowers by using Nomis API.

Nomis is designed to be a multi/cross-chain solution to offer the most robust financial snapshot of a potential borrower by hiring hierarchy analysis as a scoring method.

Nomis will help XinFin to grow its TVL, MAU (as a result of the acquisition of mainstream borrowers), MAD, # of on-chain use cases (as a result of the opportunity provided to develop new DeFi solutions on-top of the Nomis open-source protocol).

BlockFreight - XDC Blockchain parcel tracking: Blockfreight is a XDC blockchain product tracking platform for any parcel.
Generate unique blockchain-backed QR codes that can either be presented or placed on the cargo of interest.
Built for the XDC Defi 2022 hackathon.
Supports both testnet and mainnet contract deployments.

Demo video:

Deployed with mainnet here url:

GreenDEX: GreenDEX is the fastest, most secure, most reliable, and most decentralized exchange (DEX), built on the Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain and etc. GreenDEX mimics a centralized exchange experience, but enables traders to conduct exchanges directly from their respective wallets instead of through an intermediary.

XDC-Fi: XDC is a network for finance , and we have built defi tools to take XDC a level up in category of DeFi. We have also built a collection of smart-contracts as npm package that would be helpful for anyone who wants to build on top of XDC-Chain.
What it does:
XDC-Dex gives offers a varity of DeFi features for your daily use built on top of XDC-Chain.

TheBlockchain.Land: The love of playing long term strategy games. TheBlockchain.Land will be a fun way for people to play a long term trading game, a Play2Earn&Learn game that has resource management and land development features, and opportunities to explore for new lands. Millions of people, maybe billions love playing games with others, and games like Settlers of Catan and Ages of Empires have loyal fan bases.
What it does:
Our Proof on Concept and v1 of TheBlockchain.Land leverages existing Globiance DEX for trading resources like WOOD, ROCK, CLAY, FISH, and WOOL. We are finishing up some smart contracts for minting in game assets(NFTs) using these resource tokens, and working on wallet connections on the game dashboard in coming update.

NEFTME – From people to people: NEFTME is a social network App, based on the new β€œConnection Economy” concept, of an ecosystem built on trust, value, and reciprocity, where all users can monetize their content, as well as CHALLENGE each other in exchange for tokens, that can be swapped for money! Users will be able to do HIDDEN challenges, where only users involved can see the challenge, as well as challenge people β€œaround”, based on location services.

AtomX: We inspired by idea of atomic swap. Atomic swap is a great way of decentralized p2p crypto swap. It's safe, no locks of assets by 3rd part, just contracts and UI. This idea is not realised in crypto space yet and our aim is to bring this idea into life! The Xinfin network is one of the most cheap and fast networks, so it is the best chain to start on. This also will help to bring assets into Xinfin network without centralized bridges!
What it does:
Atomic swaps are automated, self-enforcing cryptocurrency exchange contracts that allow cryptocurrencies to be traded peer-to-peer without the need for a trusted third party. 2 sides are able to create transactions on different EVM blockchains and swap assets without third party.

XRC-Swap: XRC Swap is a decentralized protocol for automated token exchange on XDC. It allows users to easily swap between XRC20 tokens, as well as providing liquidity to other projects and protocols.
What it does:
The inspiration for XRC Swap was to create an automated, trustless, and permissionless system that allows users to exchange tokens in a secure and transparent manner. We wanted to create a system that would make it easier for users to access liquidity and trade in a secure and private environment.

XDCSwap: XDCSwap enables anyone from anywhere in the globe to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies immediately using XDC Network.
XDCSwap will contribute to the projects being build on the XDC Network by providing them with the funds as decided by the community.
It does not discriminate anyone and will be open to everyone.
XLP Token can be earned by providing liquidity and earning a steady passive income.

Cupcake DEX: The project is a decentralized exchange built from scratch following the Uniswap v2 whitepaper. The DEX is optimized for swapping. Compared to Uniswap v2 swaps which typically cost 110K gas per swap(3-41% gas efficiency). The DEX uses a single main contract address to store all tokens and does not require a router contract. All XRC20 or native tokens must be paired with the CUPEX token in order to be swapped and the DEX offers a simple and convenient interface for that. The DEX code is well-commented and is licensed under the MIT license, allowing for continued development by anyone interested in this project.

Atomizer: Atomizer allows anyone to stake collateral in XDC or USD, then they can leave it there so anyone can borrow it, or they can use it to take an over-collateralized loan backed by that collateral. The loan can also be in XDC or USD. The threshold is set to 70%. If the collateral ratio falls under 70%, anyone can call a function and liquidate that position in order to retrieve funds to lenders.

XDUSD:A collateral backed stable coin that helps people take loan by putting XDC token as collateral. We have seen an increase in demand for the stable coin as the market is currently experiencing a downturn people are looking for stable alternatives. while centralized stable coin are present but they are still a single point of failure with the ongoing CeFI fiasco it is getting harder to trust centralize entities

Watermonitor: Our vision is to carry out research on new models that incorporate technology and which aims at revolutionizing the water management practices around the world . The technology solution is designed specifically to address the needs of the water, health and environment eco-system comprising of civic bodies, water management units, hospitals, environment and health ministry, laboratories, citizens, R&D organizations and improve the operational efficiencies.

Soul: SBTs are an important on-chain primitive for many critical use cases. As a result, SBTs have become increasingly important in the conversation around decentralized identity and reputation, and are part of a fuller story which includes on-chain and off-chain credentials.

The underlying smart contract architecture includes:(1) Soulbound token engine: Creates soulbound tokens (1a) Core: Entrypoint to interact with the full engine (1b) SBT: Modular soulbound ERC721 design deployed to XDC (1c) SBTFactory: Modular factory generator, which enables you to create SBT collections which follow the rules you set up.

XDCFlow:XDCFlow is an all in one platform to make your own custom logics just by dragging and dropping the blocks. We have a wide variety of blocks. A no-code platform that allows you to respond to complex events happening on-chain automatically execute DeFI and other flows without coding

🀝 We want to thank all the developers who participated in the hackathon, and we look forward to seeing what you'll build next! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

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